7 Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Wedding Tips

No two people in love want their special wedding day to follow the cookie-cutter format. It needs to be an outstanding occasion and it is up to you as a couple, and the wedding planning team to make this a truly memorable day. Here are 7 easy ways to make your wedding stand out.

1. Prerequisite – Love One Another, Before Agreeing “I Do”

The most unforgettable weddings are those where the couple about to be married are genuinely in love. You can tell, from the special gaze into each other’s eyes to the last minute adjustments of each other’s wedding day apparel. Every move seems right, from the elegant exchange of wedding bands to the special photo shoots for posterity. All invited are full of praise and admiration.

2. Find a Unique Venue or Plan a Special Ceremony

Identify with a setting out of the ordinary, but be practical from a logistics viewpoint. Special spaces could include a beach or mountain backdrop, so long as your guests don’t have to tackle a para-military obstacle course. Do the research on the ceremony and find something different that works for you both and, of course the wedding officiant!

3. Let the Décor Be Reflective of You

Not that there is anything wrong with it, but unless you are a traditionalists, do away with that ‘typical wedding look’ for your ceremony or reception. Rather think upstage and put on a jazz show, or a ballroom dancing gala evening. Plan something special with your partner-to-be, then go out and make it happen.

4. By All Means Serve Something Different

If serving beef fillet or roast chicken does not say it for you, go out and explore the dinner options. Hook up with a reputable wedding events outfit and get some magical ideas. Weddings are special occasions and the food served needs to reflect the event-of-a-lifetime. However, think of your guests, have an alternate option handy just in case your favorite indulgence isn’t everyone’s fancy.

5. Do Something Unexpected

Try something different like a fun-filled dance for example – perhaps the Highland Fling will get things trending. If you have little ones present, try lining them up to dance their well-rehearsed work of art for your feasting guests. Don’t be afraid to have fun, it is your event after all, so think out of the box.

6. Be Yourselves

Doing something for the sake of being different does not hold much meaning if not heartfelt. You must be true to yourselves on your special wedding day. A multi-layer wedding cake festooned with flowers is not for the no-frills bridal brigade. Having a home-designed cornhole lawn game set in the cocktail area might just work. It is no use placing a five-star diva in a chic barn, she needs an over-the-top ballroom setting. Make it happen!

7. Ride In Style

Do not just arrive, make a spectacular entrance. Hire a classic car with a professional driver that can chauffeur you anywhere to and from your special wedding event. Remember that 1965 Mustang convertible you gawked at on the street a few days ago or that 1970 Chevrolet Impala in your favorite movie. How about that 1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia you wanted for the road trip you have been planning your honeymoon?

Food for Thought!

A Google search of “beautiful wedding venues Southern California” returned 14.8 million results. Time to start planning – we hope our 7 easy ways to make your wedding stand out helps you get going.

The Three Best Drives in California to Enjoy Your Classic Car Rental

Best drives in California

California is known for Hollywood stars and laid-back living, but for the intrepid driver, a wonder awaits just off the beaten path. The golden state is home to a diversity of terrain, from blooming deserts to rugged coastline. And, all are easily accessible by road in a well-maintained classic car. Here are three of the best drives in California chosen to make your next trip through California exciting and memorable.

La Jolla to Anza Borrego

Starting in La Jolla, this sea to mountain to desert adventure begins in one of the most prestigious zip codes in the country. Leaving the beach on one of the best drives in California is easy. Take State Route 56 to Highway 67, headed east. Winding through the canyons, soon you will pass through quaint rural communities untouched for decades by the urban sprawl of greater San Diego County.

Turning on Highway 78 will lead you into the Cuyamaca mountains where you’ll enjoy a truly alpine experience in Julian. You’re in apple country. Sampling local cider, cobbler, and pies is a must on this trip, and there are plenty of opportunities to sample the local fare without leaving the main road.

The last leg of this trip brings you down to the Anza Borrego Desert and directly to the Casa del Zorro resort. In early spring, your descent brings you through famous fields of wildflowers. A full spa awaits at the resort if you choose to stay the night. If not, it’s only ninety miles back to the beach.

Rim of the World in Big Bear

Most visitors don’t realize how close the coast of Southern California is to the mountain community of Big Bear. Less than 120 miles away exists a forest playground complete with a ski resort and a lake large enough for fun year-round.

One of the best drives in California takes you on Highway 18 through the San Bernardino mountains. The winding drive is exhilarating as you climb the cliffs on your way to the Rim of the World, as locals call it.

This drive is all about the views you experience on the way up to the resort community of Big Bear. The best way to capture the full experience is to take advantage of the many turnouts leading to fire lookouts, arboretums, and nature preserves. Of course, if you are driving your favorite convertible, stopping will just add to the scenery. From several locations, it is possible to look west and see the shimmering Pacific Ocean in the distance.

Big Sur Ocean Views

No list of the best drives in California would be complete without a trip to Big Sur along old Highway 1. This throwback road to simpler times hugs the rugged coastline and challenges even the best drivers to focus on the road while breathtaking scenery whizzes past in an awe-inspiring panorama of pristine beaches and crashing waves.

Beginning this drive after the Carmel Highlands allows you to explore some of the most undeveloped coastline left in California. For almost ninety miles the twists and turns take you through this magical region, leaving drivers with an appreciation of the power of the ocean and the beauty of the coast.

There certainly is no shame in renting a quality vehicle and turning heads on the boulevards in some of America’s best cities. If you are in the mood to open it up and explore what California has to offer, these drives will get your heart pumping and make for amazing memories for years to come. Take a day and try one of the best drives in California. You won’t regret it.

Top Reasons Why You Should be Renting a Classic Car instead of Buying

Top Reasons You Should Rent Instead of Buying a Classic Car.jpg

Who doesn’t love classic cars? They have that old school cool that even the sleekest of modern vehicles can’t match in style. A huge percentage of people are interested in renting or buying a vintage automobile.

From classic muscles car for rent to luxurious Cadillacs, buying has no longer become necessary for you to drive your dream car. Here are top reasons you should consider renting a classic car before you drop the cash on buying one of these sweet rides.

Try it Out

Maybe you grew up and watched movies that featured high speed chases with Camaros, Mustangs, and Chargers. With modern cars, we all have our preferences with the cars we like to drive. And the same logic here applies. You may have grown up loving the look of the Mustang, but once you get behind the wheel notice you're more of a Thunderbird person. Renting a classic car helps you get a selection of options before you commit to purchasing one.

No Maintenance

Even if you get a vehicle that is in pristine condition, it will need maintenance. Although classic rides are known for the relatively simplicity compared to today’s vehicles, finding the right parts and mechanics is no easy task. Skip the hassle and just pick up a car that is fine tuned and always ready to go. This way, you never have to worry about breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

Great for Special Occasions

Most of us have our everyday workhorse vehicle. These are the Toyota Camrys, Priuses or Passats of the world. They are not always the most fun to drive, but they are reliable, get good gas mileage and you don’t mind throwing the kids in the car or hauling some stuff around. But when you want to do something special, renting a classic car that you want to drive is special. Classic muscle cars give an event that unique feeling that it needs.

The Selection

This is the best reason of all. Why commit to one classic muscle car when you can drive a different one whenever you want? You might have a favorite, but there is always an occasion for a different ride. Renting a classic car for the weekend with one person, rather than a two-seater might be ideal. Then when you and a gang of friends are going on a road trip, you can expand to a larger vehicle with some trunk space. Renting means more options for you!

Renting a Classic Car is Clearly the Way to Go

Whether it is to save you time, money or maintenance, renting just makes much more sense. You can drive whatever vehicle you want. So what are you waiting for? If you are ready to start driving the classic car of your dreams, all you have to do is book it and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Tips and Tricks to Cleaning Classic Cars

Owning a classic car is often a substantial investment. Just like any other valuable piece of the portfolio, routine maintenance must be performed to protect the vehicle and keep it in car-show condition.  

Hand Wash only

All cars should be hand washed but especially classic cars. Machines simply do not do a great job; they miss spots and do not dry the vehicle properly, leading to corrosion. To properly clean a classic automobile, it must be washed and dried by hand. There is no way around it.  Fortunately, even the largest vehicles do not take long to clean.  

Avoid Abrasives at all Cost

If you are fortunate enough to have the original paint on your classic car, you know how valuable that detail can be. Use only detergents with no abrasives to wash your vehicle. Otherwise, you will be slowly removing one of your vehicle’s most valuable features. Abrasives have no place in car washing; they create scratches and swirls in otherwise glassy finishes. Cleaning is about gently removing oil, dirt, and grease, not scouring the topcoat.

Use Different Cloths for Different Purposes

Grease and grime collect on certain surfaces of your vehicle, mainly the wheels and undercarriage. Using the same cloth to clean these areas as you use for the rest of the body and windows will only spread the oil. Begin from the top with a clean sheepskin or non-abrasive rag and work toward the ground. At the bottom, change rags and continue to clean. You will notice the difference immediately when the car is dry.

Use Water Sparingly and Completely Dry Your Car

Rust is the enemy of classic cars. But it is hard to avoid. Washing a vehicle results in much water being left behind and rust thrives in wet environments, especially when water is left to sit and pool. So, be judicious in your use of moisture and be diligent when drying. Using an abundance of clean cloths, start from the top and dry every surface you can reach, leaving no water behind.

Choose the Right Tool for the Job

Properly cleaning classic cars means every nook and cranny must be explored. A rag cannot do this.  Get creative. Toothbrushes with nylon bristles are perfect for cleaning spoke wheels. Q-tips can reach in between door gaps around interior molding. Car show quality means every surface is clean. Make sure you have the right tools for the job.

Don’t Grind Dirt into Your Carpet

Vacuums are a great tool for cleaning carpet, but they don’t always lift dirt out of the fibers. For the best results spray compressed air into your carpet first. This will lift the dirt and make it easier to remove. Also, stay away from hard vacuum attachments while cleaning your vehicle.  They are known to cause scuffs and scrapes along the trim bordering your carpet.

Old bentley

Polish Chrome whenever It Needs Attention

Chrome will fail if not polished. Even the oil from a fingerprint is enough to cause a blemish if left long enough. Fortunately, rust can be removed from chrome, but it is better to be proactive. Find a quality chrome polish and use it every time you wash your car. Your bright work will last longer, and your classic car will continue to turn heads everywhere it goes.

Each car presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to cleaning and detailing. With a little practice, you will come to know where your car needs the most attention and which surfaces are relatively maintenance free. Over time, the whole process will become quick and easy. And, driving your classic car will be as enjoyable as it was meant to be.

5 Best Classic Cars for Your Wedding

Getting married old white car

If, as the famous song goes, "I'm getting married in the morning...", a classic car - or even two - makes an excellent event-enhancing statement for the couple about to say, "I Do". Weddings are extra special one-off occasions. Everyone wants the proceedings to go smoothly as the day arrives and it is time for that much-anticipated milestone in your life. Having the right transport to arrive in is essential, and nothing beats a classic, head turner from yesteryear.

Your First Choice

First, decide on the classic wedding car of your dreams, not forgetting to have some sort of budget in mind. Then, ask yourself, do you want to self-drive, or is a chauffeur an absolute must?

Continuing to look at your options, you can select any of the following body types:

  • Limo
  • Coupe
  • Sedan
  • Convertible
  • Station Wagon
  • Van or Truck

The last two make particular interesting statements on your wedding day, but who cares? You are the ones getting married. That leaves the location, and the type of transmission you prefer, meaning automatic or manual.

Dream Cars - Marital Bliss or Urban Myth?

There is a misconception that wedding automobiles have to be luxury vehicles. Keep in mind that this is your wedding, so your choice of wedding car needs to be as fertile as your imagination. Choose a car that will break all existing wedding rules, that is if you are open-minded and want to express your liberty. On the other hand, a vintage beauty is equally fine if you want to be more traditional.

best classic cars for your wedding

Top Marques for Your Bucket List

There are many less traditional but trending wedding wheels and they are bound to hit the mark. These five cool classic wedding cars are sure to impress your guests thanks to their scarcity and unique design:

1.    Any model Ferrari will do – It is red, wild, and as scarce as hen's teeth, but you don't have to be Italian to appreciate the fabulous Ferrari - definitely a top priority for your special day.

2.    How’s your Karma? Karmann Ghia is a true rarity from the Karmann stable. Taken over by Volkswagen in the mid-20th century, the Ghia was among the most acclaimed vehicles of its time. Built between 1955 and 1974, this iconic roadster became the most imported car model in the US in its day.

3.    The ubiquitous Volkswagen Beetle – The vintage ‘beetle’ may have been the most mass-produced car ever, but it is getting less common on the road and more popular at wedding events. Everyone is sure to love seeing off the special couple as they ride away in Herbie.

4.    Austin Mini - It does not matter whether you opt for a period piece from the 1960s or for a more recent look-alike model. The 'Mini' will never go out of fashion. Britain's answer to the 'people's car' makes a grand entry and exit for the couple about to exchange vows.

5.    Lamborghini Gallardo -These days Lamborghini is closely associated with the track and fast moving racers, but it was popular as a collectable back in the 1980s. Speed off in style with her veil flowing majestically behind the car!

The choice is yours, and we hope this article helps you plan the best wedding event ever. Go forth and enjoy!