Classic Car Rental 101: Importance of Using a Chauffeured Car Service

chauffeured car service

The sheer joy of riding in a classic auto escapes mere words. You have to travel in one for a distance and let the atmosphere and history course through your veins. That said, most older cars can be a little tricky, especially when they have been around for decades. Hence, we recommend a chauffeured car service, particularly for your wedding classic car rental and other special events.

Four Ways a Chauffeured Car Service Makes a Difference on the Day

  • Having a chauffeur at the wheel means everyone in the party can relax and enjoy the ride. 
  • Another advantage of a chauffeured car service means the driver - often the owner - knows the car.
  • If there’s a small problem with the vehicle somewhere, the car chauffeur knows how to fix it.
  • A driver attached to a chauffeur car service knows how to provide the smoothest and quietest drive possible.

Moreover, a chauffeured car service driver is responsible for returning the classic car to its owner, in the same spotlessly clean condition as when it went out.

The Biggest Difference Is the Chauffeured Car Service Client Is Not the Driver

Most folks hire a classic car from Vinty because they have an occasion to celebrate, and want to attend the fun event. This could be a birthday, an engagement, a wedding, or the occasion of a promotion. A bit of bubbly - and more - often flows on such occasions making it difficult to get behind the wheel.

A chauffeured car service means everybody can join in the fun and let their hair down the way they want. Don’t let being sensible spoil your day or make you the odd person out. Vinty and celebrations are a perfect match for each other. Like love and marriage, Vinty and celebrations go together.

Hiring a Chauffeured Car Service Owner Is the Cherry on the Top

In fact, many of our vintage and classic car owners insist on including a chauffeured car service as part of the deal. The love for their cars is absolute and they never want to let them out their hands. The auto insurer may also insist on a chauffeur, because of the unusual mechanicals that takes getting used to.

Wedding guests especially like to gather around a Vinty car after the main celebration is over. They want to know more about the vehicle, its history, and reasons why it is a classic. Who better to tell its story than the owner who is part of the tale? You honestly cannot substitute the real thing with a piece of paper.

How to Engage a Chauffeured Car Service and a Classic Car

We take care of everything for you at Vinty. We are the service that puts classic cars within your reach. We hand pick our vehicles and choose their owners carefully to make sure they deliver you, our customer, a seamless chauffeured car service every time. Don’t take chances with arrangements for your special occasion. Let Vinty take your worries away so you can enjoy the celebration of a lifetime. It just makes more sense to do things that way. Contact us to learn more about our rentals!

Planning 101: Picking your Wedding Classic Car Rental

wedding classic car rental

If you want to make your wedding stand, having a wedding classic car rental is one sure-fire way of making it happen. It begins with finding a reputable vintage car rental company with a good variety of autos. You and your partner probably have an idea of the classic vehicle model you want for the day. This article presents six things you should know.

  1. Simply the Best - Wedding classic car rental is quite different to hiring a car after arriving at your holiday or business destination. Renting a vintage car will definitely make your wedding day unique. This classic and unusual transport from the past lets you and your partner-to-be make an impressive entrance on a memorable occasion. Continue reading, as we consider other important pointers to the perfect wedding day.

  2. Do the Research - You definitely do not want your wedding classic car rental remembered for the wrong reasons! Choosing a reputable vintage car rental company with an impressive record of accomplishment is important in avoiding a disappointing rollout on your special day. If you want complete peace of mind, make use of an online facility like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) - click here for the link.

  3. The Sooner you Book the Better - Now that you have found the right company to rent a vintage ride from, secure and confirm your booking as soon as possible. This may mean up to a year before your wedding.

  4. Legalities - Booking your wedding classic car rental does involve legal formalities, no surprise there. If they do not offer insurance cover, you have to ask why. Consider the fallout from roadside incidents, even if you were not driving, because you signed the agreement. The bottom line is choosing a bona fide operator that has all bases covered. You can also benefit greatly from wedding insurance.

  5. Two’s Company, Apart from the Driver– Typically, your wedding classic car rental is for two persons only, why would you want more. Liability issues mean you probably will not get to drive the vintage car. The solution is in using a uniformed chauffeur. This adds tremendous value to your special event.

  6. Know What You Are Entering Into - We recommend that you carefully inspect your chosen vehicle’s condition before signing any agreement. Include body, chassis, engine, and suspension in the check. Look at the air-conditioner as well as lights, windows, and doors. Is the interior to your liking?

Other Issues You Need to Know About

When arranging your wedding classic car rental, you may want to consider hiring a classic car for invited guests. Your car is for you and your partner, not forgetting your debonair chauffeur of course!

Wedding Classic Car Rental Costs

We all have to work within a budget, so know what you are signing up for before putting pen to paper. Watch for hidden extras in your quotes. Ask about driver gratuities. In general, wedding rental companies propose a gratuity of 15 to 20 percent of the hiring cost. You can pay this directly to the chauffeur or have it added to the invoice.

All that remains is to wish you an exquisite day, and please make the most of your wedding classic car rental!

3 Classic Car Rentals for an Epic Road Trip to Joshua Tree

old classic car rental

Joshua Tree National Park is a trendy place where two deserts meet and folk stream from San Diego to weekends to overnight in six airstream trailers painted psychedelic colors. They also have a collection of bungalows dating from the 1920’s, and a Wild West movie set turned into a honky-tonk bar. Your old classic car rental from Vinty will feel right at home among like-minded folk like these.

Easy Riding to Joshua Park in an Old Classic Car Rental

Every old classic car rental from Vinty is in first-rate condition. It will readily eat up the 160 miles on Highway 62. Best allow three hours for the trip if the road is busy, otherwise, you can shave thirty minutes off your schedule. Depending on whether you are planning to just stop by, overnight, or camp we have great choices of old classic car rental day trippers, overnight convertibles, and camper vans if you want to take the frame tent and folding dining table.

Old Classic Car Rental Day Roadtrippers with Fixed Hard Tops

Highway 62 is in superb condition and invites you to pump the throttle if you are planning to do the round trip in one day. It can also get quite warm in the open spaces where the Mojave and Colorado Deserts meet so you are going to need wide opening windows too. Do you fancy a 1970 Buick Electra in fire engine red with all the trimmings? In its heyday, this old classic car rental had all the extras.

An Overnight Convertible in Trad British Style to Turn the Heads

When the Brits launched their MG MGB Roadster in 1969, the US market snapped up most of the production. This old classic car rental in canary yellow is one of our favorites for an overnight at Joshua Tree National Park. One of those 1920’s bungalows will set it off to perfection. And when you drive up to the honky-tonk, the country and western may stop playing for a moment, while the band streams out to look.

An Old Classic Car Camper that Swallows the Frame Tent Too

The surreal features, ancient history and wide-open spaces of Joshua Park invite you to sleep under the stars in one of nine campgrounds with facilities provided. It’s a hard choice although a 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon Westphalia with pop-up roof and electrical and water hookups might do the job just fine. We have several older classic car rental campervans to choose from.

Why Use an Old Classic Car Rental to Visit Joshua Park  

Joshua Tree National Park has paved roads to all the main attractions, and the going is easy and level between the mighty rock formations. A myriad of natural attractions invites you to visit them with windows open and hood down if you can. A modern auto with air-conditioner filters destroys the sweet natural aromas of the wilderness around you.

However, an old classic car rental from Vinty with a loving owner makes a drive through Joshua Park remind us how the place looked in 1936 and we can sense the goodness all around us. President Roosevelt declared it a National Monument in that year and they all drove what would become classic cars.

Classic Car Edition: Ideas for an Editorial Photoshoot

classic car photoshoot

In case you were not aware of it, the era of internal combustion engines – both diesel and petrol versions – is drawing to a close. In the not too distant future, it seems we will be captive passengers in self-driven electric vehicles. This is quite a change to take in and many will rue the day they lose their freedom to drive as they please.

Looking longer term, imagine the scarcity factor when looking for a vehicle from years past for your classic car photoshoot or special event. No problem at Vinty, because we always have a solution. Renting classic and vintage cars is our core business and we fully intend to keep on trucking. The interest in our vehicle collection is huge and ranges from weddings to photoshoots and movie sets using our one-of-a-kind classic – and vintage – cars.

Timeless Pieces

No need to panic, because there will always be a place for the legendary vehicles that have been with us since Henry Ford introduced the first Model T Ford, alias ‘Tin Lizzy’. Most American towns and cities have museums dedicated to our rich legacy of motoring history.

The interest in automobiles from the past will always be around. We pride ourselves in making it happen out there on our roads and highways. We also plan to continue expanding our magnificent collection of classic and vintage autos to keep our adoring clients happy.

Preserving Our Heritage – Tips for Your Editorial Photoshoot

It all starts with choosing the vintage car that best suits your theme for the classic car photoshoot you have in mind. The list is as long as it is impressive, so you are going to face some tough decisions.

If you want to add a magic touch to your photoshoot, renting one of our classic cars will certainly guarantee you that. If you are bold, you could even choose from our impressive collection of vintage cars.

Visualize the glamour that arrives with a classic Mercedes or the competitive edge a Pontiac Firebird brings to the party. If your classic car photoshoot is family-themed, what better than a 1970’s VW camper for enhancing your magic photos!

Location, Location, Location

OK, so you have chosen your preferred vehicle for your classic car photoshoot, and have wisely decided to use our driver, you are off to a good start. Time to figure just where you plan to shoot your photos, and you have many excellent opportunities - be sure to speak to your chauffeur.

Great locations lend themselves to the story and help bring out the best in you and your camera. No classic car photoshoot would be complete without the magnificent wheels on hire from Vinty.

Lights, Camera, and Action

If you are planning a classic car photoshoot of the editorial variety, you probably want it selected by a magazine. With this in mind, put your classic car rental to good use, and remember not to shoot too many landscape images – rather keep your camera in portrait mode. This is because magazines roll off the production line in pages, so portrait framing works well for them. Ready to rock and roll!

Planning 101: Corporate Event Party Props

corporate event party props

Have you been tasked with setting up your office’s corporate party? Whether it’s the annual Holiday Party or a spookalicious Halloween Bash, or a farewell party for a colleague, you can never go wrong with setting up a photo-booth.  Give your work-weary colleagues a chance to let their goofy selves out to play by setting up a booth with creative props and accessories that your colleagues can mess around with, while hamming it up for the camera. Trust us: nothing builds team camaraderie as well as an opportunity to go completely nuts and have fun doing it.

From simple to completely outrageous, there’s no limit to the ways in which you can turn the usual office shindig into one that will have your colleagues talking about for the rest of the year (and then task you again with repeating the experience).

Here are 8 of our favorite prop ideas for a fun-filled, unforgettable corporate event party props:

1. Head Full o’ Fun

No photo booth experience is worth salt without a variety of headgear that your colleagues can plop on their noggins.  Depending on the party you’re holding - for instance, if it’s the Christmas/Holiday party - the standard props associated with the holiday are pretty much a given; like reindeer headbands, elf hats, and Santa hats. But where would be the fun in sticking with the traditional? Luckily, there are hundreds - nay, thousands - of choices you can go with: Viking horns, Liberty crowns, clown toupees, sombreros, pirate bandannas, wizard hats … well, you get the idea.

2. Get into Frame

Photo frames are yet another staple prop in any photo-booth. You can either create your own custom frames (if you can spare the time to do it) or buy them online.  You can go with anything from antique photo-frames or modern-day frames like an Instagram post photo-frame or face cut-outs that your colleagues can frame themselves in.  For a unique spin, you can creatadobese in.  Find out if they’re OK with it, though: in all probability, they’ll be flattered. But, still. Ask.  

3. Make a Spectacle of Yourself

Induce the silly in your colleagues by supplying them with a whole range of eye wear like geek glasses, steampunk glasses, glasses that make their eyes look ginormous, or oversized glass frames. Glasses can make even the most serious people look sufficiently goofy. Indulge the geeks in your office with themed eyewear from popular franchises they’re bound to love:  from the unique styles of famous celebs like Elvis Presley to those worn by characters from their favorite fandoms like Harry Potter.

4. Weapons and Armory  

Everyone loves to play-act: especially if they can pretend they’re from a different time in history when people let their fists and weapons do the talking.  Fake guns, swords, hammers and other violent paraphernalia can make for some truly creative photos, as your colleagues attempt to enact various scenes using those props.

5. A Vintage Flair

Step out of the box and turn your photo-booth experience into one that will have your colleagues talking about it for a long, long time. Liven up your event with unique props that are literally from a different era in time. Like a vintage car. You can hire a vintage car from Drive Vinty to add a special flair to your event: from retro American models to classic European roadsters, your colleagues will have a grand ol’ time with these. You can supplement the experience with time-appropriate props for the era the cars come from.

6. Geeks and Freaks

Who said themed costumes and props are to be limited to Halloween or Comic-Con? Themed parties dedicated to specific fandoms and franchises are in and here to stay. And, today you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who’s not part of one: whether it’s Game of Thrones, LoTR, Harry Potter, and a bazillion others. Stock the booth with a variety of props from various franchises, and watch your colleagues have fun recreating specific scenes from their favorite books or series.

Setting up and hosting a corporate party or event doesn’t have to be a chore: it’s just a matter of providing your colleagues a means to let their hair down and let go of their professional selves. And nothing can serve that purpose better than a photo-booth or station with carefully chosen props, vintage cars, and more.

Vintage Wedding Planning 101: 5 Guest Transportation Ideas

Vintage Wedding Planning 101_ 5 Guest Transportation Ideas.jpg

Planning a wedding is hard. There’s a lot of pressure when you’re trying to plan the perfect day. Most of the details get taken care of months in advance. One is often overlooked, and it’s a shame because it’s a missed opportunity to make your special day memorable, classy, and unique.  Vintage wedding transportation is the perfect finishing touch on an otherwise impeccably planned day.  

Here are five ways to incorporate a stylish and fun vintage wedding transportation option into your big event.

  1. The Honeymoon Departure:  One of the best photo opportunities at a wedding is that great image of the bride and groom leaving the party to embark on their wonderful life adventure.  That picture will be prominent in the album and displayed forever. It’s a simple shot; just two joyful people and a car. The faces are predetermined but which car represents the start of your journey is entirely up to you. Vintage wedding transportation from Vinty makes the moment special, bringing a touch of class, a sense of style, and a unique experience for everyone involved.

  2. Bring Guests to Special Venues with a Touch of Class:  More and more brides and grooms are choosing venues off the beaten path for their nuptials. Amazing fields filled with wildflowers.  Ceremonies on the sand in front of crashing waves and amazing sunsets. These are great choices, but parking may be limited. Wouldn’t it be incredible if a fleet of vintage vehicles ferried your guests from the off-site lot? You know the attendees will remember the event and be impressed with your thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

  3. Vintage Wedding Transportation from Ceremony to Reception:  If your ceremony and reception are in two separate places, the logistics of moving the crowd from one to another can be daunting. Let Vinty solve your problem. We will provide a fleet of vintage wedding transportation options sure to satisfy any theme or style. Our service makes your wedding stand out from the crowd with a memorable experience for everyone involved.

  4. Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Stylish Rides:  On your final night of being single you want to let it all hang out. It’s time to celebrate with your closest friends and spend some time reminiscing about the past and dreaming of the future. Bring a touch of class to the event with a vintage wedding transportation rental. It fits the theme, makes a statement, and we even provide a chauffeur, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.  

  5. Classic Rehearsal Dinner Options:  Want to make a big impression on the in-laws? How about arranging for your bride’s father to be picked up from the hotel in his favorite car of all time?  That just might do the trick. Vinty has a large assortment of classic vehicles available to rent for occasions of all kinds. We’ll help you score as many points as possible, in case you need them later.

It’s your wedding day!  Make it as memorable as you can.  Choosing vintage wedding transportation by Vinty makes your special time an occasion to remember.  Our great selection of classic automobiles and helpful staff will work with you to ensure the perfect fit for your event.  You’re getting married.  Do it in style.

Car Rental 101: Which Classic Car Style is Right for you?

The Right Vintage Car Rental For You.jpg

There are many classic car styles out there, but sometimes knowing which one is the right option can be a difficult choice to make. We don’t know your drivers, but we do know what drives people our way in Southern California. Decisions are usually clear-cut, impulsive, with emotion, and based on fond memories adding greatly to the excitement around the decision of which classic car style is going to work best. Join us as we take a look behind the scenes; this way, your decision will be a lot easier.

Awesome Choice for Car Rental 101 – Which Classic Style is Right for You?

  • Could it be that sleek two-tone 1950 Hudson Commodore, or
  • From Herbie’s stable – a 1965 Volkswagen Beetle (in red of course), or
  • A majestic 1946 Ford with oceans room, or
  • Fancy making a grand entry in a 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback – let’s go!
  • How about a 1965 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, that’ll get you recognized

The list is as impressive as the variety on offer. Simply tell us your needs and we’ll get back to you with some suggestions unless you have decided the classic car styles you prefer. Here are some ideas:


  • Classic Cars
  • Muscle Cars
  • Wedding Cars
  • Classic Camping
  • Classic Trucks - you saw right!

Vintage Cars for Every Occasion

Legendary cars, within reach! This is our motto here at Vinty, where we make premier classic car rental experiences come true. We have a car collection you will love, including unique classic cars that you thought were the stuff of dreams. Read on if you want to convert that dream into reality, an experience that will stay with you forever.  

We want to share the reasons why people choose the classic car styles we have to offer. No prizes for guessing why wedding and engagement functions are among the leaders when it comes to jaw-opening events. Picture the scene on that special day:

  • Weddings and Special Occasions – Don’t just arrive, make a grand entrance! Weddings, engagements, birthdays and standout anniversaries are great events for showing off. You can choose from our impressive collection of old school stunning beauties – name the occasion and we’ll help make it happen
  • Photo Shoots and Movies – You need the perfect backdrop and ideal subject for your photo shoot. Choosing one of our classic car styles makes all the difference, and provides the mobility to cover many breathtaking scenes in quick succession. Add one of our professional handlers or chauffeurs, so that you can get on with the business in hand
  • Corporate Events and Classic Car Tours – There is no better way to get the message across if you plan to host a product launch, incentive program, or a unique PR stunt. Our superb classic cars will take your corporate event to the next level, making a lasting impression on the guests you invited

The Classic Car Styles we Offer

Two words eloquently describe our fleet offering: Exceptional Vehicles! We know we are bragging, but we do know that we are going to exceed your wildest expectations when you choose from the classic car styles from Drivevinty.

Remember to look at the body type you prefer - for example, Convertible, Sedan or Limo. No problem if you prefer automatic transmission to manual. Choosing the classic car style to suit your needs is the only difficult part!


3 Reward Performance Ideas for Your Top Employees

Employee Engagement Activities.jpg

3 Employment Engagement Activities: Great Ideas for Rewarding Your Top Performing Employees

The top ten percent get overlooked. It’s a known fact that the bottom tenth of your team demands the majority of your energy to manage and motivate.That means your most valuable people can be left feeling underappreciated. Developing employee engagement activities designed to spotlight your top performers is a great way to spread the wealth and showcase the vision and principles that make your organization a great place to be.

Employment Engagement Activities that Inspire, Motivate, and Connect with Top Performers

Here are a the top 3 proven activities and special events you can use to let your amazing employees know they are appreciated, and you really do care.

1. Throw Parties with Purpose

When the days grow shorter, many companies use year-end parties to celebrate successes and reward the hard work and dedication which led to the realization of important goals. Why not take this opportunity to single out team members who have gone above and beyond; key players who contributed at the highest level.  Throwing parties with employees in mind will bring about a deep level of appreciation for both the company and the employees.

2. Team Building Through Common Interests

As your employees grow, it may be time for them to test their leadership abilities. Offer activities that complement your employee’s interests and create stronger interpersonal bonds; like sponsoring an employee athletic team or hosting a charitable event which aligns with your organization’s mission. You will end up with a more invested workforce and the beginnings of a leadership development program.

3. Recognize Your Employees Effort with a Gift

Show gratuity through different acts like free vacations, gifts, or vouchers. Similarly, classic car rentals are a distinctive way to show appreciation towards an employee. Instead of hiring a driver, allow them to get behind the wheel of their dream car by renting them a classic car for the day. Also, if you are planning an event, classic car rentals bring a unique touch to your corporate function, making it an unforgettable experience for your guests. Your employees will arrive in style, feel special, and valued at your year-end event.

Get Ready for Your Next Corporate Event

There is value in rewarding your top performing employees. Whether it be end of the year corporate parties or driving the car of their dreams. Employee’s will definitely appreciate the effort put in by their employers. Employee engagement activities are a great way to make room on your plate for the top ten percent, so start planning today.

The Ins and Outs of Classic Car Maintenance

The Ins and Outs of Classic Car Maintenance.jpg

The value of a classic car depends on its originality first, and then only on its condition. Hence, a cracked original leather seat is better than a perfectly reupholstered one. Classic car maintenance is thus a twofold process. Keeping our favorite vehicle going, and preserving it for prosperity. If we do end up replacing parts, we should keep the old ones in case the next owner wants to restore them.

Classic Car Maintenance – The Mechanical Bits

We can keep an old car going longer simply by using it. If we do not, it gets ‘arthritic’ and the sidewalls of the tires collapse. Autos are like people, they need exercise too. If a car has been standing for more than a few months, replace the engine and brake fluids before firing it up, just in case they lost their viscosity.

Never hammer an old car by squeezing the maximum out. It never had modern handling and performance, and certainly does not now. So drive her gently, giving lesser mortals time to stop, admire her, and go green with envy.  Treat her well, and she will reward you with rare pleasure. Classic car maintenance is an art.

Preserving the Bodywork: Classic Car Maintenance Tips

Your biggest threat is corrosion, because the ‘tin worm’ eats through metal eventually unless we protect the surface. Apply touch-up paint over rust converter wherever you see the metal shining through. Never use a mechanical car wash or a high-pressure hose. Just bathe her gently with warm, soapy car wax and a sponge, and dry.

Watch out for muck accumulating in the wheel wells, doorframes, and on the underbody. This can contain salt and other chemicals that can corrode exposed metal surprisingly quickly. As you go through your weekly classic car maintenance routine, keep a sharp eye out for anything working loose. No mechanic will be half as caring as the owner.

Keeping the Interior Original and Looking Good

The big challenge with classic car maintenance is the vehicle is past its ‘use by date’, and still going long after the original salesperson hoped. An original interior can add huge value compared to a modified one that is looking shot. The dashboard and seats are the most precious items, so keep sharp objects far away.

Short and Long Term Storage Tips

Never leave an old car parked outside, even for a day, and not in a cold, damp garage either. Commit to using it at least twice a month, or jack it up and rest it on stands or wooden blocks. There is no middle ground here. Either you use your classic car, or you store it carefully.

A classic car deserves regular use. This is the best form of classic car maintenance although the other things we mentioned really matter. If you do not have the time, then consider renting it out for weddings and other special occasions. A good broker could source the clients, supply a chauffeur, and make sure they know how to drive classic cars.

Restoring a Classic Car: The Basics

Restoring a Classic Car

Who doesn’t love classic cars? They have a unique thrill that can’t be found even in today’s most expensive, ultra sleek driving machines. That said, they can get pricey fast. For this reason, many enthusiasts turn to rebuilding vintage cars themselves.

Not only is it a great hobby, but it is a fantastic way to really know what goes into one of these great roadsters. This short guide is going to give you the basics on restoring a classic car so you are ready to get in the garage and start and working to create your dream ride!

Step 1: Selecting a Car

This is somehow the easiest and most difficult thing to do. There are so many great choices out there. Do you choose a 1966 Ford Mustang or a classic Porsche? Even if you are ready to work around the clock to rebuild your car, it is going to take some time so choose wisely. The best thing you can do is rent some different vintage rides and see which one you like driving best. Remember, the way it looks is important, but you also need to love the way it drives!

Step 2: Asking the Right Questions

When you plan on restoring a classic car, you are obviously not looking for something in perfect shape. That’s how you are going to get a sweet price on it! However, you are going to have a threshold of how much work you want to do. Do you want from near scratch with mostly just an old frame on wheels or do you want to do just a quick tune up and paint something?

These factors have a lot to do with the price, but here are some of the questions you should be thinking about and asking:

  • How much rust is on the body?
  • Does the car run on its own?
  • What kind of repairs and modifications have been made?
  • What shape are the tires in?
  • What’s operational and what isn’t?
  • Why is the person selling it?

The last question is particularly important. Some people just find old cars to resell to collectors while others just want to get rid of something that may have been sitting around their house too long. Either way, this last question can help you answer a lot of the others!

Step 3: Get Prepared

Depending on the state of the car, the restoration process can take anywhere from weeks to months. You have to be ready to put the time in. Fortunately, there are loads of YouTube videos on restoring just about any car.

You also need to make sure you have the right tools. This is where doing your homework is important because certain makes may require certain tools that you may not have in your collection or may have to custom order. eBay is a great resource for all things classic car and more than anything, go to forums.

Finally, there are forums for all kinds of cars and you can find all the information you will ever need about whatever auto you choose, along with its peculiarities and how to fix any issues it may have.

Get Ready for the Ride of Your Life

There is no greater feeling than cruising along in your restored vintage car. The work you put into it will create a special relationship that you will be able to truly cherish. So get on the Internet and find the best car for you to start working on today!

How to Identify a Classic Car

identify classic car

The ability to identify a classic car is both instant and natural for any vintage or veteran cars if you are like me. With any luck, they are not traveling in the opposite direction, and you will get a chance to stop and admire these magnificent autos of old from close up. Mostly, I can identify the make and model with ease, sometimes even the year these collectibles first hit the road.

If you would like to know how to identify a classic car, please read on. Fortunately, a veritable non-stop supply of beautiful old cars exists, with more joining the ranks every year. That said though, the number of classic cars making it through to veteran or vintage status represents a tiny fraction of the original model range that rolled off the production lines all those years ago. That is what makes them so collectible.

What Makes a Car Classic?

The precise definition of a classic car differs from one country to the next, but the vehicle does need to be an older auto since modern cars do not qualify. Classic car status would fit a vehicle that is old enough historically, to make it collectible owing to its scarcity factor. The Classic Car Club of America defines a Classic as a “Fine” or “Distinctive” automobile, American or foreign built, produced between 1915 and 1948.

This, of course, implies that such a vehicle is worth preserving and restoring as close as possible to its original condition. Sadly, far too many older motor vehicles just end up on the scrap heap at the end of their useful life. The option of going into a pampered and enjoyable retirement in some motoring enthusiast’s garage seems to have passed many vehicles by.

Learning to Identify a Classic Car

One of the best ways to brush up on your knowledge of some of the older, sedate sedans is to attend expos and road shows. These take place to raise awareness for various clubs around the country. Some towns and cities have museums dedicated to automobiles of old – click here to view the list of National Association of Automobile Museums. Most exhibitions have very strict qualifying criteria before allowing a vehicle to claim the distinction of classic car status.

Once you have attended a number of classic car events, it will not be too long before you start the identification and recognition routines. The next step is to research the archives containing important refinements for each model over time – type in a relevant search string on google and sift through the results and images. Soon, you will develop the ability to note features of a particular make and model so that you can assign an accurate year of manufacture.

Talk To the Classic Car Owner

Apart from renting a classic car yourself, one of the best ways of getting the download on a particular make and model is to find the owner. Most classic car owners will be well satisfied with their handiwork and delighted to share their knowledge with interested parties. One of the quickest ways to identify a classic car is to track down the various vintage or veteran car clubs and take up membership. At very least, get your name on their mailing list; it may prove the first step towards correctly identifying beautiful autos from yesteryear.

How to Maintain the Interior of Your Vintage Car


Maintaining the interior of a vintage car is equally as important as the outside appearance and running condition of your beloved vehicle. You have gone to the trouble of purchasing your favorite wheels, so it follows that you would want to keep it in great condition, particularly the cab. Remember, first impressions count. It goes without saying that the capital you have put into maintaining the interior of a vintage car will reap rewards in time to come.

The Bottom Line

Your vintage car proved your expensive childhood-dream car, so caring for it makes sense as it occupies a prime position in your garage. You bought it because you desperately wanted it and it is now officially yours. Time for bragging rights to the world, correct? Well, not exactly. After taking delivery of your vintage car, it will need some tender loving care from the outset, as well as regular care and maintenance going forward.

Glamorously Clean is the Word

Before taking a drive, a decent full valet service is essential, and that needs to include the interior, body, engine cavity, undercarriage, and trunk – not forgetting the tires! This will confirm the overall condition of your proud choice, something you may not have turned to when you close the deal. Certain issues may even fall under warranty cover if you bought from a reputable dealer or private seller.

Done and Dusted What Next?

All aspects of restoration are equally important, and ignoring one in favor of another may hold significant sway when it comes to establishing a true market value. Since the first thing most prospective buyers wish to see is the interior, we will begin our review in the cab:

Interior Impressions Count Big Time

Slipping into the driver’s seat and behind the wheel is the first, and one of the most important impressions any prospective car buyer will experience. How does it look? From the hood liner to the dashboard, from the seats to the carpets or mats, and all the other trim inside the cab needs to look original, classy. Keep in mind that you are purchasing this period-beauty with long-term investment in mind, so leave ‘no stone unturned’ when it comes to appearance.

What Else Counts?

Regular Maintenance - Having a good-looking vintage ride is important for anyone admiring your vintage car when you park publically, and the external appearance and engine is what generally turns heads. With regular oil changes, and other fluid top-ups and tune-ups, your engine needs to remain in peak condition. Remember to keep your vehicle logbook up to date.

Prime the Pumps

Stopping at a red light with a beautiful vintage car and the booming engine will attract a lot of attention. Just make sure that your wheels are up for scrutiny when you take off because there is nothing more embarrassing than a non-event! Whether you just picked up a new vintage ride or have had one in your garage for years now, taking care of your proud acquisition is vital.

One last piece of advice when it comes to maintaining the interior of your vintage car; why not consider vintage car rental before deciding to buy. This will confirm if this is something you feel passionate about, or if it is just simple fascination.

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Wedding Tips

No two people in love want their special wedding day to follow the cookie-cutter format. It needs to be an outstanding occasion and it is up to you as a couple, and the wedding planning team to make this a truly memorable day. Here are 7 easy ways to make your wedding stand out.

1. Prerequisite – Love One Another, Before Agreeing “I Do”

The most unforgettable weddings are those where the couple about to be married are genuinely in love. You can tell, from the special gaze into each other’s eyes to the last minute adjustments of each other’s wedding day apparel. Every move seems right, from the elegant exchange of wedding bands to the special photo shoots for posterity. All invited are full of praise and admiration.

2. Find a Unique Venue or Plan a Special Ceremony

Identify with a setting out of the ordinary, but be practical from a logistics viewpoint. Special spaces could include a beach or mountain backdrop, so long as your guests don’t have to tackle a para-military obstacle course. Do the research on the ceremony and find something different that works for you both and, of course the wedding officiant!

3. Let the Décor Be Reflective of You

Not that there is anything wrong with it, but unless you are a traditionalists, do away with that ‘typical wedding look’ for your ceremony or reception. Rather think upstage and put on a jazz show, or a ballroom dancing gala evening. Plan something special with your partner-to-be, then go out and make it happen.

4. By All Means Serve Something Different

If serving beef fillet or roast chicken does not say it for you, go out and explore the dinner options. Hook up with a reputable wedding events outfit and get some magical ideas. Weddings are special occasions and the food served needs to reflect the event-of-a-lifetime. However, think of your guests, have an alternate option handy just in case your favorite indulgence isn’t everyone’s fancy.

5. Do Something Unexpected

Try something different like a fun-filled dance for example – perhaps the Highland Fling will get things trending. If you have little ones present, try lining them up to dance their well-rehearsed work of art for your feasting guests. Don’t be afraid to have fun, it is your event after all, so think out of the box.

6. Be Yourselves

Doing something for the sake of being different does not hold much meaning if not heartfelt. You must be true to yourselves on your special wedding day. A multi-layer wedding cake festooned with flowers is not for the no-frills bridal brigade. Having a home-designed cornhole lawn game set in the cocktail area might just work. It is no use placing a five-star diva in a chic barn, she needs an over-the-top ballroom setting. Make it happen!

7. Ride In Style

Do not just arrive, make a spectacular entrance. Hire a classic car with a professional driver that can chauffeur you anywhere to and from your special wedding event. Remember that 1965 Mustang convertible you gawked at on the street a few days ago or that 1970 Chevrolet Impala in your favorite movie. How about that 1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia you wanted for the road trip you have been planning your honeymoon?

Food for Thought!

A Google search of “beautiful wedding venues Southern California” returned 14.8 million results. Time to start planning – we hope our 7 easy ways to make your wedding stand out helps you get going.

The Three Best Drives in California to Enjoy Your Classic Car Rental

Best drives in California

California is known for Hollywood stars and laid-back living, but for the intrepid driver, a wonder awaits just off the beaten path. The golden state is home to a diversity of terrain, from blooming deserts to rugged coastline. And, all are easily accessible by road in a well-maintained classic car. Here are three of the best drives in California chosen to make your next trip through California exciting and memorable.

La Jolla to Anza Borrego

Starting in La Jolla, this sea to mountain to desert adventure begins in one of the most prestigious zip codes in the country. Leaving the beach on one of the best drives in California is easy. Take State Route 56 to Highway 67, headed east. Winding through the canyons, soon you will pass through quaint rural communities untouched for decades by the urban sprawl of greater San Diego County.

Turning on Highway 78 will lead you into the Cuyamaca mountains where you’ll enjoy a truly alpine experience in Julian. You’re in apple country. Sampling local cider, cobbler, and pies is a must on this trip, and there are plenty of opportunities to sample the local fare without leaving the main road.

The last leg of this trip brings you down to the Anza Borrego Desert and directly to the Casa del Zorro resort. In early spring, your descent brings you through famous fields of wildflowers. A full spa awaits at the resort if you choose to stay the night. If not, it’s only ninety miles back to the beach.

Rim of the World in Big Bear

Most visitors don’t realize how close the coast of Southern California is to the mountain community of Big Bear. Less than 120 miles away exists a forest playground complete with a ski resort and a lake large enough for fun year-round.

One of the best drives in California takes you on Highway 18 through the San Bernardino mountains. The winding drive is exhilarating as you climb the cliffs on your way to the Rim of the World, as locals call it.

This drive is all about the views you experience on the way up to the resort community of Big Bear. The best way to capture the full experience is to take advantage of the many turnouts leading to fire lookouts, arboretums, and nature preserves. Of course, if you are driving your favorite convertible, stopping will just add to the scenery. From several locations, it is possible to look west and see the shimmering Pacific Ocean in the distance.

Big Sur Ocean Views

No list of the best drives in California would be complete without a trip to Big Sur along old Highway 1. This throwback road to simpler times hugs the rugged coastline and challenges even the best drivers to focus on the road while breathtaking scenery whizzes past in an awe-inspiring panorama of pristine beaches and crashing waves.

Beginning this drive after the Carmel Highlands allows you to explore some of the most undeveloped coastline left in California. For almost ninety miles the twists and turns take you through this magical region, leaving drivers with an appreciation of the power of the ocean and the beauty of the coast.

There certainly is no shame in renting a quality vehicle and turning heads on the boulevards in some of America’s best cities. If you are in the mood to open it up and explore what California has to offer, these drives will get your heart pumping and make for amazing memories for years to come. Take a day and try one of the best drives in California. You won’t regret it.

Top Reasons Why You Should be Renting a Classic Car instead of Buying

Top Reasons You Should Rent Instead of Buying a Classic Car.jpg

Who doesn’t love classic cars? They have that old school cool that even the sleekest of modern vehicles can’t match in style. A huge percentage of people are interested in renting or buying a vintage automobile.

From classic muscles car for rent to luxurious Cadillacs, buying has no longer become necessary for you to drive your dream car. Here are top reasons you should consider renting a classic car before you drop the cash on buying one of these sweet rides.

Try it Out

Maybe you grew up and watched movies that featured high speed chases with Camaros, Mustangs, and Chargers. With modern cars, we all have our preferences with the cars we like to drive. And the same logic here applies. You may have grown up loving the look of the Mustang, but once you get behind the wheel notice you're more of a Thunderbird person. Renting a classic car helps you get a selection of options before you commit to purchasing one.

No Maintenance

Even if you get a vehicle that is in pristine condition, it will need maintenance. Although classic rides are known for the relatively simplicity compared to today’s vehicles, finding the right parts and mechanics is no easy task. Skip the hassle and just pick up a car that is fine tuned and always ready to go. This way, you never have to worry about breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

Great for Special Occasions

Most of us have our everyday workhorse vehicle. These are the Toyota Camrys, Priuses or Passats of the world. They are not always the most fun to drive, but they are reliable, get good gas mileage and you don’t mind throwing the kids in the car or hauling some stuff around. But when you want to do something special, renting a classic car that you want to drive is special. Classic muscle cars give an event that unique feeling that it needs.

The Selection

This is the best reason of all. Why commit to one classic muscle car when you can drive a different one whenever you want? You might have a favorite, but there is always an occasion for a different ride. Renting a classic car for the weekend with one person, rather than a two-seater might be ideal. Then when you and a gang of friends are going on a road trip, you can expand to a larger vehicle with some trunk space. Renting means more options for you!

Renting a Classic Car is Clearly the Way to Go

Whether it is to save you time, money or maintenance, renting just makes much more sense. You can drive whatever vehicle you want. So what are you waiting for? If you are ready to start driving the classic car of your dreams, all you have to do is book it and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Tips and Tricks to Cleaning Classic Cars

Owning a classic car is often a substantial investment. Just like any other valuable piece of the portfolio, routine maintenance must be performed to protect the vehicle and keep it in car-show condition.  

Hand Wash only

All cars should be hand washed but especially classic cars. Machines simply do not do a great job; they miss spots and do not dry the vehicle properly, leading to corrosion. To properly clean a classic automobile, it must be washed and dried by hand. There is no way around it.  Fortunately, even the largest vehicles do not take long to clean.  

Avoid Abrasives at all Cost

If you are fortunate enough to have the original paint on your classic car, you know how valuable that detail can be. Use only detergents with no abrasives to wash your vehicle. Otherwise, you will be slowly removing one of your vehicle’s most valuable features. Abrasives have no place in car washing; they create scratches and swirls in otherwise glassy finishes. Cleaning is about gently removing oil, dirt, and grease, not scouring the topcoat.

Use Different Cloths for Different Purposes

Grease and grime collect on certain surfaces of your vehicle, mainly the wheels and undercarriage. Using the same cloth to clean these areas as you use for the rest of the body and windows will only spread the oil. Begin from the top with a clean sheepskin or non-abrasive rag and work toward the ground. At the bottom, change rags and continue to clean. You will notice the difference immediately when the car is dry.

Use Water Sparingly and Completely Dry Your Car

Rust is the enemy of classic cars. But it is hard to avoid. Washing a vehicle results in much water being left behind and rust thrives in wet environments, especially when water is left to sit and pool. So, be judicious in your use of moisture and be diligent when drying. Using an abundance of clean cloths, start from the top and dry every surface you can reach, leaving no water behind.

Choose the Right Tool for the Job

Properly cleaning classic cars means every nook and cranny must be explored. A rag cannot do this.  Get creative. Toothbrushes with nylon bristles are perfect for cleaning spoke wheels. Q-tips can reach in between door gaps around interior molding. Car show quality means every surface is clean. Make sure you have the right tools for the job.

Don’t Grind Dirt into Your Carpet

Vacuums are a great tool for cleaning carpet, but they don’t always lift dirt out of the fibers. For the best results spray compressed air into your carpet first. This will lift the dirt and make it easier to remove. Also, stay away from hard vacuum attachments while cleaning your vehicle.  They are known to cause scuffs and scrapes along the trim bordering your carpet.

Old bentley

Polish Chrome whenever It Needs Attention

Chrome will fail if not polished. Even the oil from a fingerprint is enough to cause a blemish if left long enough. Fortunately, rust can be removed from chrome, but it is better to be proactive. Find a quality chrome polish and use it every time you wash your car. Your bright work will last longer, and your classic car will continue to turn heads everywhere it goes.

Each car presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to cleaning and detailing. With a little practice, you will come to know where your car needs the most attention and which surfaces are relatively maintenance free. Over time, the whole process will become quick and easy. And, driving your classic car will be as enjoyable as it was meant to be.

5 Best Classic Cars for Your Wedding

Getting married old white car

If, as the famous song goes, "I'm getting married in the morning...", a classic car - or even two - makes an excellent event-enhancing statement for the couple about to say, "I Do". Weddings are extra special one-off occasions. Everyone wants the proceedings to go smoothly as the day arrives and it is time for that much-anticipated milestone in your life. Having the right transport to arrive in is essential, and nothing beats a classic, head turner from yesteryear.

Your First Choice

First, decide on the classic wedding car of your dreams, not forgetting to have some sort of budget in mind. Then, ask yourself, do you want to self-drive, or is a chauffeur an absolute must?

Continuing to look at your options, you can select any of the following body types:

  • Limo
  • Coupe
  • Sedan
  • Convertible
  • Station Wagon
  • Van or Truck

The last two make particular interesting statements on your wedding day, but who cares? You are the ones getting married. That leaves the location, and the type of transmission you prefer, meaning automatic or manual.

Dream Cars - Marital Bliss or Urban Myth?

There is a misconception that wedding automobiles have to be luxury vehicles. Keep in mind that this is your wedding, so your choice of wedding car needs to be as fertile as your imagination. Choose a car that will break all existing wedding rules, that is if you are open-minded and want to express your liberty. On the other hand, a vintage beauty is equally fine if you want to be more traditional.

best classic cars for your wedding

Top Marques for Your Bucket List

There are many less traditional but trending wedding wheels and they are bound to hit the mark. These five cool classic wedding cars are sure to impress your guests thanks to their scarcity and unique design:

1.    Any model Ferrari will do – It is red, wild, and as scarce as hen's teeth, but you don't have to be Italian to appreciate the fabulous Ferrari - definitely a top priority for your special day.

2.    How’s your Karma? Karmann Ghia is a true rarity from the Karmann stable. Taken over by Volkswagen in the mid-20th century, the Ghia was among the most acclaimed vehicles of its time. Built between 1955 and 1974, this iconic roadster became the most imported car model in the US in its day.

3.    The ubiquitous Volkswagen Beetle – The vintage ‘beetle’ may have been the most mass-produced car ever, but it is getting less common on the road and more popular at wedding events. Everyone is sure to love seeing off the special couple as they ride away in Herbie.

4.    Austin Mini - It does not matter whether you opt for a period piece from the 1960s or for a more recent look-alike model. The 'Mini' will never go out of fashion. Britain's answer to the 'people's car' makes a grand entry and exit for the couple about to exchange vows.

5.    Lamborghini Gallardo -These days Lamborghini is closely associated with the track and fast moving racers, but it was popular as a collectable back in the 1980s. Speed off in style with her veil flowing majestically behind the car!

The choice is yours, and we hope this article helps you plan the best wedding event ever. Go forth and enjoy!

How to Stand Out as an Automotive Photographer

Red car volkswagen

Whether you want to take some pictures of the car you just bought or are a photographer interested in the thrilling world of automotive photography, there are some tips and tricks you can use to make your photos pop and dazzle. Check out these top five techniques on how to stand out as an automotive photographer.

1) Watch the Reflections

The best car photos are those that come from spotless, shiny cars. But you can completely ruin a shot if you don’t check what is being reflected on its surface. You typically want to shoot in wide open areas, avoid plants and buildings. They will distort the image so the contours and lines of the car do not stand out as much.

2) Motion Shots

These are the trickiest shots put if done correctly, you will be amply rewarded. The best pictures of a moving car come from photos taken from another moving car. This is where shutter speed is key.

Switch it to 1/100th of a second while you are traveling between thirty and forty miles per hours. Play around with shutter speeds and vehicles speeds so you can get some truly unique pictures.

3) Get a Circular Polarizer

This handy little device does not even have to set you back more than $25. What it allows you to do is block reflections in certain elements of the shot. This gives you more of an opportunity to choose the certain features you want to pop or not. Combined with a tripod, you can get a wide variety of different shots that just may surprise you!

4) Get Down Low

This is Photography 101. It’s all about the angles, but particularly with automotive photography, this is a great way to capture a vehicle from an impressive perspective. You have to get down real low, sometimes even lying on the grass or pavement so save yourself the trouble by skipping wearing the white suit on this day!

Old white car.png

5) Car + Nature= Awesome Photo

Think about every car commercial that you have ever seen. Trucks are usually kicking up huge piles of dirt while roadsters are twisting and turning mountain roads. A still photography shot with the right background really shows how impressive the machine can be. Play around with some of the places you go, sometimes you might find a place that is a little counterintuitive but be impressed by how good things actually look.

The Most Important Tip: Experiment

Photography is an art and the best thing you can do is experiment. Try different shots from different angles at different lightings. This is the best way for you to figure out what looks good and what doesn’t. Best of all, you might stumble upon something other people haven’t, which is how you can truly stand out as an automotive photographer.

5 Things to Know when Renting a Classic Car for an Event

Renting a classic car

One thing you should know is older cars don’t necessarily have all the creature comforts you might expect in this modern era. When renting a classic car, the challenge begins with figuring out how old it actually is. The only way this question is answered is by asking, because there’s no global consensus on what ‘classic car’ actually means. The umbrella definition is ‘an older car with enough historical interest to be collectable and worth preserving or restoring rather than scrapping’ but that could mean almost anything.

The Antique Automobile Club of America defines classic cars as ‘motorized vehicles, 25 years old or older, built in factories, specifically designed and manufactured for transportation use on public roadways and highways.’ To qualify for registration, such vehicles must also have ‘been restored to the same state as the dealer could have prepared the vehicle for delivery to the customer.’ These classic cars are unlike the cars which you drive on a daily basis and so it is important to keep some things in mind.

Be Aware Of Your Steering Wheel

The first American car with power steering was a 1951 Chrysler Imperial. General Motors added the technology a year later to its Cadillac. Family favorites like Ford and Dodge took a while longer to follow. Spinning the wheel when parking, is not the same thing as steering with both hands.

Temperatures May Vary

The earliest autos like Model T Fords had wooden floorboards that leaked heat to the driver’s feet. For Aircon, they removed the side windows in summer. The first cars that came with HVAC standard were 1939 Packards. As recently as the 1970’s heating was an optional extra in family sedans. Best find out first before renting a classic car for an event.

Old red mustang by Vinty

Plan For A Relaxing Drive

Early American cars used a system of rods connecting the brake pedal with the wheels. These need a fair amount of strength to operate in an emergency. While Duesenberg invented hydraulic braking for his racing cars in 1914, the technology only became commercially available in the 1930’s. The moral of the story is, take it easy when self-driving a rented classic car.

Pack Light

Renting a classic car for a motoring holiday is a super way of adding a superior touch, and you may even get a classy reception when you arrive at your accommodation. Know that some American classics have a rumble dickie seat that limits space for luggage. Some European sports cars have hardly any space for rear seat passengers unless they are pre high school children.

Don’t Forget A Map

Finally, do remember to take your sat nav with you and hope and pray there is a socket for plugging in the charger. When the Antique Automobile Club of America defines classic cars as in their original state it means every word of it, and digital auto sat nav is quite a recent event. If you are dressing period-style, borrow a roadmap from the library so you really look the part.

Renting a classic car for a birthday celebration, wedding, or other event is a superb experience once you know what to expect, and can prepare. Few things can compare with riding in style in a retro vehicle, and you are sure to end up in more than a few photos.

10 Stops Worth Making on Highway 1

Ford Mustang 1965

State Route 1 (SR 1), to give it its correct name is a major north-south state highway that runs along virtually the entire Pacific coastline of the U.S. State of California. Covering a total distance of just short of 656 miles, it is the longest state route in CA.

If you are looking for something classic to show off on Highway 1, then your search is over. Click here to view some of the vintage dream cars waiting to take you along California’s fabulous SR 1. The cars come with professional handlers, but if you would rather drive, grab the wheel of a 1965 Mustang convertible. Perhaps you prefer the bragging rights in a 1970 Chevrolet Impala. These are just two of the many choices.

Time to get your classic beauty from yesteryear on the road! Few stretches of highway anywhere compare with the scenic magnificence that driving Highway 1 offers both driver and passengers. We decided to share some of the hot stops right here to help you plan:

  1. We're starting your journey from Golden Gate Park, San Francisco’s 1,000-acre oasis. Then it is south across that iconic art deco span called Golden Gate Bridge, which first opened in 1937. Welcome to San Francisco!
  2. Passing through San Jose at the south end of San Francisco Bay, next up is Santa Cruz. It’s a 1 hour 20 minute drive from San Francisco. This is where the 60s live on, especially along the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.
  3. An hour's drive south of Santa Cruz brings you to beautiful Monterey, which lies at the southern end of a bay with the same name. Stunning Point Lobos State Natural Reserve waits to share its many secrets.
  4. Continuing southward, the Big Sur is next up. The awesome views start just after Bixby Bridge, one of the tallest single span concrete bridges in the world. Among the many attractions the Big Sur boasts, are Pfeiffer Beach, McWay Falls, Point Sur State Historic Park, and Ragged Point.
  5. San Simeon features next, and is the perfect place for a break, perhaps even on an overnight stay. A visit to Hearst Castle on the Enchanted Hill is obligatory – it is a museum like no other. Over a million people visit this legendary attraction annually.
  6. Continuing our journey through ‘Saintly Territory’, we pass through San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria and eventually arrive in Santa Barbara. This is culture vulture space, with attractions like the Lobero Theatre, Santa Barbara Historical Museum, and the Arlington Theatre.
  7. Malibu needs no introduction, but when you arrive there follow the signs to Point Dume, where you find a beautiful sandy beach, lovely cliffs and rocky coves.
  8. Next stop ‘The Angels’, or the City of Los Angeles in English. The Kodak Theatre, a walk along the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and a drive down Sunset Boulevard will reward you well.
  9. A visit to Long Beach involves a minor detour from SR 1. Enjoy the drive along Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach before entering San Diego County. Without giving away too much, the coast around the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is stunning!
  10. San Diego marks the end of your exhilarating adventure down State Route 1. We hope you enjoy your ride in style in the classic car of your choice. We also hope our 10 Stops Worth Making on Highway 1 help you plan a memorable trip.

Over to You!

There is something cool about Highway 1. Perhaps you are local, or maybe you have just landed and want to experience something special…Whatever your choice, get yourself and your group behind the wheel and enjoy the most spectacular scenes found anywhere on the planet. Enjoy your ride!