10 Exciting Ways to Make a Wedding Entrance and Exit

Weddings are all about celebrating a lifelong commitment to a journey that is unique to you and your partner for life.  The wedding venue represents the beginning of this journey, and so, it only seems right that you mark the steps in a way that defines your uniqueness with the wedding transportation:  by arriving and leaving in style!  Give your guests something truly memorable to take away from your big day with these 10 unique wedding transportation tips:

1. Horse-drawn Carriage

Take a trip back in time to how things were done before the Karl Benz and Henry Ford changed the face of transport, and ride to your venue in a horse-drawn buggy or open carriage. Then, after the reception, ride away into the sunset with your special one by your side.

2.  Water Transport

Hosting a wedding by a lake or by the seaside? Have your guests see you off as you sail away on a yacht or speedboat into the wide expanse of the ocean.  For a more adventurous twist, try rowing away in a kayak or paddleboat.

3. Vintage Cars

Celebrate the modern with the antique. There’s nothing like a vintage motor to transform your wedding into a glamorous and memorable affair:  whether it’s a classic Rolls Royce Silver Cloud or good ‘ol Herbie Volkswagen Beetle, you’ll be adding a whole lot of character and style to your special day.

4. Two-Wheeler

Throw the four-wheeler convention out of the window, and ride away in a Harley Davidson or Vespa Scooter.  Or symbolize your commitment to face life as a lifelong team by cycling away in a tandem bicycle.

5. Hot-Air Balloon

Float up, up and away, into a new life together, till the world is beneath your feet and the sky is within your reach. Make a dramatic exit that will have your guests talking about it for a long time.

6.  Antique Tractor

If your wedding is rustic or country-themed, riding off in an antique John Deere tractor can leave you with a memory that’s unique and exhilarating.  

7. Stretch Limo

You can never go wrong with the classic stretch limousine that combines style and practicality into a sleek package. Stretch limos can seat up to 10 people comfortably, making them ideal for transport both to and from the venue.

8. SUV Limo

Are sleek limos not your thing? Take it to the next level with a stretch Hummer or Escalade, which come equipped with cool add-ons like disco lights, mirrored-ceilings, and entertainment systems. They can seat up to 20 people.

9.  School or Party Bus

Have your wedding party arrive in style to your wedding and reception on a party bus! They can seat up to 40 guests. Plus, they come equipped with a bar and entertainment system, so you can get the party started even before you reach your reception.

10.  Open-Air Trolley

An open-air trolley can make your wedding day truly magical. Bring your entire wedding party along for a ride filled with love, laughter and joy, making for a memorable day.

Your wedding day is about making memories for both you and your guests, and an exceptional entrance and exit can make for a truly memorable day. Check out more vintage wedding transportation ideas.