7 Easy Ways to Make Your Wedding Stand Out

Wedding Tips

No two people in love want their special wedding day to follow the cookie-cutter format. It needs to be an outstanding occasion and it is up to you as a couple, and the wedding planning team to make this a truly memorable day. Here are 7 easy ways to make your wedding stand out.

1. Prerequisite – Love One Another, Before Agreeing “I Do”

The most unforgettable weddings are those where the couple about to be married are genuinely in love. You can tell, from the special gaze into each other’s eyes to the last minute adjustments of each other’s wedding day apparel. Every move seems right, from the elegant exchange of wedding bands to the special photo shoots for posterity. All invited are full of praise and admiration.

2. Find a Unique Venue or Plan a Special Ceremony

Identify with a setting out of the ordinary, but be practical from a logistics viewpoint. Special spaces could include a beach or mountain backdrop, so long as your guests don’t have to tackle a para-military obstacle course. Do the research on the ceremony and find something different that works for you both and, of course the wedding officiant!

3. Let the Décor Be Reflective of You

Not that there is anything wrong with it, but unless you are a traditionalists, do away with that ‘typical wedding look’ for your ceremony or reception. Rather think upstage and put on a jazz show, or a ballroom dancing gala evening. Plan something special with your partner-to-be, then go out and make it happen.

4. By All Means Serve Something Different

If serving beef fillet or roast chicken does not say it for you, go out and explore the dinner options. Hook up with a reputable wedding events outfit and get some magical ideas. Weddings are special occasions and the food served needs to reflect the event-of-a-lifetime. However, think of your guests, have an alternate option handy just in case your favorite indulgence isn’t everyone’s fancy.

5. Do Something Unexpected

Try something different like a fun-filled dance for example – perhaps the Highland Fling will get things trending. If you have little ones present, try lining them up to dance their well-rehearsed work of art for your feasting guests. Don’t be afraid to have fun, it is your event after all, so think out of the box.

6. Be Yourselves

Doing something for the sake of being different does not hold much meaning if not heartfelt. You must be true to yourselves on your special wedding day. A multi-layer wedding cake festooned with flowers is not for the no-frills bridal brigade. Having a home-designed cornhole lawn game set in the cocktail area might just work. It is no use placing a five-star diva in a chic barn, she needs an over-the-top ballroom setting. Make it happen!

7. Ride In Style

Do not just arrive, make a spectacular entrance. Hire a classic car with a professional driver that can chauffeur you anywhere to and from your special wedding event. Remember that 1965 Mustang convertible you gawked at on the street a few days ago or that 1970 Chevrolet Impala in your favorite movie. How about that 1982 VW Vanagon Westfalia you wanted for the road trip you have been planning your honeymoon?

Food for Thought!

A Google search of “beautiful wedding venues Southern California” returned 14.8 million results. Time to start planning – we hope our 7 easy ways to make your wedding stand out helps you get going.