3 Awesome Locations for a Vintage Car Photoshoot in California


When looking for a location to photograph in it is important to find places with unique backgrounds that will compliment your vintage car, a simple background but good lighting are usually good places to start. Make sure before you start to plan that you have any permits you may need to shoot in a certain location as well as the required equipment to do so. Various locations will require different equipment to get the best shot.

1) Joshua Tree State Park

Located an hour east of Palm springs, see Vinty’s Palm spring listings, this desert oasis will make any photoshoot look adventurous. Driving through the desert will give your photos a serene natural look while making any vintage car stand out on the sandy background. There are a couple specific spots that are best for car photography.

Cholla Cactus Garden

Located inside Joshua Tree, this cactus garden gives your background a good amount of texture and the parking lot backs right up to the garden. The drive there is on the Pinto Basin Road, which is right through the middle of Joshua Tree, so both the location and the drive would be good places to shoot. Keep in mind the cacti look beautiful during sunset because the sun hits the Cholla cacti at just the right angle to make them look like they’re glowing. This is your perfect golden hour shot.

Key’s View

This look out point is one of the only ones easily accessible by car in Joshua Tree and will give a gorgeous look out onto the park for your background. Consider trying to go there when it’s not peak season since this point is quite popular with tourists.

2) Miramar Beach

Half Moon Bay is a quaint beach town outside San Francisco, see Vinty’s San Fran rentals, known for its beach side road Mirada Rd. It’s here where early in the morning you can park your car and get amazing beach shots with your vintage vehicle. Make sure you check the tides before you head there as the road can get washed out by the ocean during high tide. This location can only be utilized to shoot one or maybe two cars since the it’s small but Mirada Rd. one of the few places you can get this close to the ocean with a car in California.

3) Top of The Grove

The grove is a popular shopping mall in LA, see Vinty’s LA rentals. Known for it’s luxury stores this might be the perfect spot to shoot those city scenes with your luxury car. The top of their parking ramp has some beautiful views of the city and is very accessible. Keep in mind that getting there early to block off a couple of spots will be important to be successful as the lot can fill up during peak business hours.

Final words of wisdom

Whether you’re looking for a beachy spot for some fun in the sun or a desert oasis for some golden hour magic, California is chalk full of locations to fuel your creativity. Remember that most state and national parks require permits to shoot there and that in places where permits are not required it’s important to not disrupt normal traffic. It’s best to arrive before the crowds do and know exactly what shots you want when you get there. You’re more likely to have an enjoyable experience and make it so others can come back and shoot there as well.

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