4 British Classic Car Rentals to Reward Your Employees


With the average modern vehicle evolving into something straight out of “The Jetsons”, people are craving a blast from the past when it comes to automobiles. That’s why British classic cars and rental services are exploding in popularity all over right now. But a classic car rental doesn’t just have to be a recreational purchase for your own enjoyment, it can be given as a gift as well!

Imagine the look of glee on your employee’s face when, instead of giving them a gift certificate to a low-rent fast food joint as a reward for their excellence, you give them a classic car to drive for the weekend. It would make competing for that prize a whole lot more meaningful, and may even drive up productivity across the board.

Indeed, if you’re looking for a good strategy to boost morale, British classic cars could be exactly what you need. Today we’re going to look at 4 top-notch choices you can offer as employee incentives that will have their jaws dropping.

1) 1992 London Taxi

The London Taxi is an absolute classic when it comes to British classic cars. This white, 1992 model with a left-hand driver’s side and rear-facing jump seats is a complete throwback to an earlier time. London taxis are not too old that it doesn’t have modern amenities like air-conditioning and LED lighting, however. Heck, there’s even enough room for a champagne bucket in the back so you can have a party-on-wheels.

2) 1962 Austin Mini

This vehicle is perfect for those who want to take it way back in the past, to the 60’s to be specific. When it comes to British classic cars it is also perfectly shaped for taller individuals, the Classic Mini comes with a driver and is available for just $250 per day

3) 1953 Sunbeam Alpine

Known as the “Grace Kelly” car, this 1953 Sunbeam Alpine is a head-turner for sure. It looks like something a royal family would have driven around in during the 50’s, and the rims alone are enough to catch your eye. Perfect for those who like to feel the wind in their hair, this convertible is available for those willing to pay the $780 per day price tag, which isn’t bad for such a specimen of a vehicle.

4) 1960 MG MGA

As sleek and stylish as you can get, this British classic looks like a James Bond favorite. The shape of this MG MGA makes it appear as if it’s crawling along the road, hugging the asphalt with its bullet-shaped frame. This one isn’t available to drive, but if you want to shoot a music video or take some family portraits with it, you’ll be happy to know its only $600 per day to rent.

Picking the Right British Classic Cars

Anyone of these awesome British classic cars would make the perfect gift for a celebrated employee. Instead of boring old gift-card, give your employees something that will in their minds and keep them loyal to you forever. Give them the gift of a classic car rental.