Classic Car Rental 101: Importance of Using a Chauffeured Car Service

chauffeured car service

The sheer joy of riding in a classic auto escapes mere words. You have to travel in one for a distance and let the atmosphere and history course through your veins. That said, most older cars can be a little tricky, especially when they have been around for decades. Hence, we recommend a chauffeured car service, particularly for your wedding classic car rental and other special events.

Four Ways a Chauffeured Car Service Makes a Difference on the Day

  • Having a chauffeur at the wheel means everyone in the party can relax and enjoy the ride. 
  • Another advantage of a chauffeured car service means the driver - often the owner - knows the car.
  • If there’s a small problem with the vehicle somewhere, the car chauffeur knows how to fix it.
  • A driver attached to a chauffeur car service knows how to provide the smoothest and quietest drive possible.

Moreover, a chauffeured car service driver is responsible for returning the classic car to its owner, in the same spotlessly clean condition as when it went out.

The Biggest Difference Is the Chauffeured Car Service Client Is Not the Driver

Most folks hire a classic car from Vinty because they have an occasion to celebrate, and want to attend the fun event. This could be a birthday, an engagement, a wedding, or the occasion of a promotion. A bit of bubbly - and more - often flows on such occasions making it difficult to get behind the wheel.

A chauffeured car service means everybody can join in the fun and let their hair down the way they want. Don’t let being sensible spoil your day or make you the odd person out. Vinty and celebrations are a perfect match for each other. Like love and marriage, Vinty and celebrations go together.

Hiring a Chauffeured Car Service Owner Is the Cherry on the Top

In fact, many of our vintage and classic car owners insist on including a chauffeured car service as part of the deal. The love for their cars is absolute and they never want to let them out their hands. The auto insurer may also insist on a chauffeur, because of the unusual mechanicals that takes getting used to.

Wedding guests especially like to gather around a Vinty car after the main celebration is over. They want to know more about the vehicle, its history, and reasons why it is a classic. Who better to tell its story than the owner who is part of the tale? You honestly cannot substitute the real thing with a piece of paper.

How to Engage a Chauffeured Car Service and a Classic Car

We take care of everything for you at Vinty. We are the service that puts classic cars within your reach. We hand pick our vehicles and choose their owners carefully to make sure they deliver you, our customer, a seamless chauffeured car service every time. Don’t take chances with arrangements for your special occasion. Let Vinty take your worries away so you can enjoy the celebration of a lifetime. It just makes more sense to do things that way. Contact us to learn more about our rentals!