An Event Planner's Guide to Displaying Vintage Cars

Whether you're planning a wedding, hosting a car show, or throwing a vintage soiree, displaying vintage sports cars might be the X factor you were looking for. 

Sometimes, a twist to your decor like that can really rank your event up from "It was fun" to "I'll never forget it!"

Displaying classic cars isn't necessarily as straightforward as it sounds, though. There are a number of things you need to take into account and plan for, so let's get on with this guide.

Plan as Early as Possible

As with any event planning, you want to begin your preparations as soon as possible. You don't know what kind of problems you're going to run into along the way, and starting early guarantees you'll be able to handle it. 

When dealing with old vintage cars, you don't know what you'll have access to right away. If things fall through, you're going to have to fall on backup plans, so be sure to get the process going ASAP. 

Delegate Tasks 

Sure, you're a go-getter, but you're not omniscient. It's always important to delegate tasks, especially during your planning phases. 

Tasks that will need to be doled out include:

  • Promoting the event

  • Taking photos for the event

  • Finding the right vintage cars for rent

  • Taking care of insurance if necessary

  • Cleaning said cars - inside and out

  • Transporting the cars

  • Displaying the cars

  • etc. 

It's important to have multiple team members tasked with specific aspects of the event. When someone is able to put their whole focus into one job, then they will be more detail-oriented. 

Your job is to plan and organize.

Select the Right Vintage Sports Car

If the only idea you have in your head right now is "I need a vintage car," then you're on the right track but you're not quite there yet. 

Classic cars are just any vehicle of a certain age that remains iconic for one reason or another. And just like cars today, cars from 50 years ago came in all shapes, sizes, and flavors. 

Is this a beach-side event? Maybe you need convertibles to add that touch of care-free allure. 

Are your attendees more interested in muscle cars? Are they looking for a more powerful display? Then various Mustang models might fit the bill.

Some events might call for a British twist if you really need that classy, quaint, or elegant touch. 

The point is that wanting a vintage car isn't enough, you want to make sure your choice matches the decor of your event.

If it's just a general car show, then you may be able to get away with a hodgepodge of different vehicles.

But some events need to be a little more specific. For example, if you're planning a wedding and want something for the bride and bride and groom to drive in, you might want something a little sleeker than a boxy muscle car. 

Don't Rely on "Connections"

When you need to display some vintage cars, you may already have somebody in mind. Maybe you know someone who's an avid classic car collector. Who knows, maybe they're able to help you out and will even loan them to you out of the goodness of their heart. 

You can't rely on that, though. It's important to know that there are companies out there that specialize in renting out vintage cars for this exact reason. 

But, as discussed before, be sure to plan ahead. What you want may not always be readily available, so it's good to start looking early and always have a backup plan. 

Include the Cars in Your Event Photos

If you really want to show potential guests and attendees what your event is all about, try to work vintage classic cars into your event photos. 

Whether it's plastered on social media or dispersed in flyers, this will tip your guests off to the level and class of the event. Plus, if you're putting that much work into getting the right decor, you might as well show it off. 

Prepare the Vintage Cars

Once you've found the cars you want, you need to make them ready for display. If you've acquired them through a rental company, then they should already be cleaned, tuned, and ready to go. 

If they're not, then you need to keep these things in mind:

  • Check the bodywork

  • Clean the exterior

  • Clean the interior

  • Prepare the wheels

Bodywork may be harder to take care of (especially on a tight schedule for last-minute events), but make sure the car doesn't have any major dents, scratches, dings, chipping paint, etc.

Clean the exterior, but not with a simple car wash.

Make sure to have a team wash them by hand using products developed specifically for cars. Also, don't ignore the engine if you're going to have the hood popped open for all to see. 

Clean the interior from top to bottom. Check for stains, smudges, burn marks, etc. Replace sections of upholstery if needed, and make sure all windows and mirrors are spotless. 

The wheels are a prominent feature when displaying vintage sports cars. Make sure the treads are in tip-top shape and use a wheel cleaner by spraying it in circular motions to give it a nice shine. 

Present the Vintage Cars

Finally, it's time to present your old vintage cars. If possible, try to have the cars transported to the event so you can avoid ruining any of the cleanings and fixing you did beforehand. 

Think about how your audience wants to view the car. Should you keep it simple and park it in a highlighted spot? That way you're letting the beauty of the vehicle speak for itself. 

You may want to have the doors open so that guests can sit inside or even take pictures. Bonus: this is like having people market your event for you!

You can consider even using signage that maybe tells guests the year, make, and model of the car or even give it a little backstory. 

Otherwise, plan your presentation around the event. Perhaps the cars would look the best framing the building where the event is located. 

Finding the Best Event Decor

Vintage sports cars are not just a fascination for hobbyists or historians, they can be excellent centerpieces to decorate events, too! 

If you think your event would benefit from vintage cars for decoration or display purposes, feel free to contact us right away to see how we can help. 

Happy motoring!