Classic Car Edition: Ideas for an Editorial Photoshoot

classic car photoshoot

In case you were not aware of it, the era of internal combustion engines – both diesel and petrol versions – is drawing to a close. In the not too distant future, it seems we will be captive passengers in self-driven electric vehicles. This is quite a change to take in and many will rue the day they lose their freedom to drive as they please.

Looking longer term, imagine the scarcity factor when looking for a vehicle from years past for your classic car photoshoot or special event. No problem at Vinty, because we always have a solution. Renting classic and vintage cars is our core business and we fully intend to keep on trucking. The interest in our vehicle collection is huge and ranges from weddings to photoshoots and movie sets using our one-of-a-kind classic – and vintage – cars.

Timeless Pieces

No need to panic, because there will always be a place for the legendary vehicles that have been with us since Henry Ford introduced the first Model T Ford, alias ‘Tin Lizzy’. Most American towns and cities have museums dedicated to our rich legacy of motoring history.

The interest in automobiles from the past will always be around. We pride ourselves in making it happen out there on our roads and highways. We also plan to continue expanding our magnificent collection of classic and vintage autos to keep our adoring clients happy.

Preserving Our Heritage – Tips for Your Editorial Photoshoot

It all starts with choosing the vintage car that best suits your theme for the classic car photoshoot you have in mind. The list is as long as it is impressive, so you are going to face some tough decisions.

If you want to add a magic touch to your photoshoot, renting one of our classic cars will certainly guarantee you that. If you are bold, you could even choose from our impressive collection of vintage cars.

Visualize the glamour that arrives with a classic Mercedes or the competitive edge a Pontiac Firebird brings to the party. If your classic car photoshoot is family-themed, what better than a 1970’s VW camper for enhancing your magic photos!

Location, Location, Location

OK, so you have chosen your preferred vehicle for your classic car photoshoot, and have wisely decided to use our driver, you are off to a good start. Time to figure just where you plan to shoot your photos, and you have many excellent opportunities - be sure to speak to your chauffeur.

Great locations lend themselves to the story and help bring out the best in you and your camera. No classic car photoshoot would be complete without the magnificent wheels on hire from Vinty.

Lights, Camera, and Action

If you are planning a classic car photoshoot of the editorial variety, you probably want it selected by a magazine. With this in mind, put your classic car rental to good use, and remember not to shoot too many landscape images – rather keep your camera in portrait mode. This is because magazines roll off the production line in pages, so portrait framing works well for them. Ready to rock and roll!