Planning 101: Corporate Event Party Props

corporate event party props

Have you been tasked with setting up your office’s corporate party? Whether it’s the annual Holiday Party or a spookalicious Halloween Bash, or a farewell party for a colleague, you can never go wrong with setting up a photo-booth.  Give your work-weary colleagues a chance to let their goofy selves out to play by setting up a booth with creative props and accessories that your colleagues can mess around with, while hamming it up for the camera. Trust us: nothing builds team camaraderie as well as an opportunity to go completely nuts and have fun doing it.

From simple to completely outrageous, there’s no limit to the ways in which you can turn the usual office shindig into one that will have your colleagues talking about for the rest of the year (and then task you again with repeating the experience).

Here are 8 of our favorite prop ideas for a fun-filled, unforgettable corporate event party props:

1. Head Full o’ Fun

No photo booth experience is worth salt without a variety of headgear that your colleagues can plop on their noggins.  Depending on the party you’re holding - for instance, if it’s the Christmas/Holiday party - the standard props associated with the holiday are pretty much a given; like reindeer headbands, elf hats, and Santa hats. But where would be the fun in sticking with the traditional? Luckily, there are hundreds - nay, thousands - of choices you can go with: Viking horns, Liberty crowns, clown toupees, sombreros, pirate bandannas, wizard hats … well, you get the idea.

2. Get into Frame

Photo frames are yet another staple prop in any photo-booth. You can either create your own custom frames (if you can spare the time to do it) or buy them online.  You can go with anything from antique photo-frames or modern-day frames like an Instagram post photo-frame or face cut-outs that your colleagues can frame themselves in.  For a unique spin, you can creatadobese in.  Find out if they’re OK with it, though: in all probability, they’ll be flattered. But, still. Ask.  

3. Make a Spectacle of Yourself

Induce the silly in your colleagues by supplying them with a whole range of eye wear like geek glasses, steampunk glasses, glasses that make their eyes look ginormous, or oversized glass frames. Glasses can make even the most serious people look sufficiently goofy. Indulge the geeks in your office with themed eyewear from popular franchises they’re bound to love:  from the unique styles of famous celebs like Elvis Presley to those worn by characters from their favorite fandoms like Harry Potter.

4. Weapons and Armory  

Everyone loves to play-act: especially if they can pretend they’re from a different time in history when people let their fists and weapons do the talking.  Fake guns, swords, hammers and other violent paraphernalia can make for some truly creative photos, as your colleagues attempt to enact various scenes using those props.

5. A Vintage Flair

Step out of the box and turn your photo-booth experience into one that will have your colleagues talking about it for a long, long time. Liven up your event with unique props that are literally from a different era in time. Like a vintage car. You can hire a vintage car from Drive Vinty to add a special flair to your event: from retro American models to classic European roadsters, your colleagues will have a grand ol’ time with these. You can supplement the experience with time-appropriate props for the era the cars come from.

6. Geeks and Freaks

Who said themed costumes and props are to be limited to Halloween or Comic-Con? Themed parties dedicated to specific fandoms and franchises are in and here to stay. And, today you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who’s not part of one: whether it’s Game of Thrones, LoTR, Harry Potter, and a bazillion others. Stock the booth with a variety of props from various franchises, and watch your colleagues have fun recreating specific scenes from their favorite books or series.

Setting up and hosting a corporate party or event doesn’t have to be a chore: it’s just a matter of providing your colleagues a means to let their hair down and let go of their professional selves. And nothing can serve that purpose better than a photo-booth or station with carefully chosen props, vintage cars, and more.