5 Reasons Classic Car Rentals are the Perfect Corporate Incentive

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Best Corporate Incentives to Increase Productivity


These days, companies are getting more and more creative with their corporate incentives. In the past, maybe it was a steak dinner or weekend getaway, but if you really want to both motivate and reward your team, then it times to start thinking outside of the box. Classic cars are the perfect corporate event party prop, gift, and incentive. Here are the top five reasons why classic car rentals make the perfect corporate incentive.


1) They are Unique

Most cars these days look and drive quite similar. Yes, a BMW might be faster than a Honda, but as far as features like touch screens, navigations, and other older things we now take for granted like power windows and steering, nearly every car on the market features them.  From the way they drive to the way they look, classic cars have their own unique feeling each time you get behind the wheel.


2) Classic Cars are rare

Most people grow up loving the style of a classic Mustang or Mercedes, but never actually have the chance to drive one. There is simply not a lot of them out there anymore. Those that do work are often parts of museum collections or some person’s restored pride and joy. It’s one of those things where it’s not just a matter of money, but who you know whether you can drive one.


3) You can show off in it

People always appreciate receiving bonuses, but driving around a few days in a classic car is a good way to visibly show appreciation for a certain employee or group of them. Plus, it can serve as motivation for other employees to work hard and achieve certain targets.


4) It’s an Experience

These days the general consensus is that spending money on experiences instead of things is the real secret to happiness. Even if they just take the classic car rental for a short road trip to Joshua Tree, driving a classic automobile transforms the daily drive into something special that they don’t have the opportunity to do too often.


5) Pro-tip: Let Your Team Choose for Themselves

Every person has their own dream car and there are many different types of classic cars. For some it something fast like a classic Corvette, others want to drive powerful muscles cars like a Dodge Charger while others might be looking for a lowrider. Since everybody has their own style give them the opportunity to choose themselves. It will give them that additional motivation they need to really do an excellent job and hit those targets that you are looking for.


The Perfect Corporate Incentive

If you are looking for something special so that you can push your team to the next level then reward them with a classic car rental. There is no better way to show your appreciation than giving them the chance to drive the car of their dreams.