Everything You Need to Know About Vintage Car Rental

With the cost of an average wedding climbing far beyond $25,000, it's vital for you to find ways to save money. If you're looking to hire a vintage car rental company for your wedding or your next big event, you need to learn about what that is going to cost you. On top of costs, you should look into what kind of value you can get for your money based on what car rental companies have to offer.


Here are five things to know about vintage car rental.

1. Reputation Matters

When you're looking to rent out a vintage car, make sure the reputation of the person you're renting from is good. When you rent from someone, you want to know that you're getting value for your price. Some people charge exorbitant fees or put too many rules in the way for you to have fun.

Check out the company you're renting from in advance. Make sure to confirm that they'll have the car you're looking for on the date you're looking for. Some businesses have been known to bait and switch and you don't want that happening to you on your big day.

You can check out businesses on Yelp, Angie's List, or on the Better Business Bureau website. You want everything to check out and to know that the company you're renting from is on the up and up. You'll be able to get a clue as to how customers feel about their services with just a quick scan of the information.

2. Don't Wait Until the Last Minute

If you're about to rent a vintage car, it's probably for an event that you know about in advance. It's rare that someone rents a vintage car on a whim. If it's for a wedding, special event, or birthday party, make sure you book well in advance.

As with most things wedding related, you need to book the car a year in advance. While that might sound far fetched, many people pick popular times of year for weddings. Given that there are maybe 30 good weather weeks to go around in a year and far more people looking to get married, car demand might not keep up.

Call far in advance and confirm that the vehicle you need is going to be available. If they make you put down a down payment, make sure you get in writing that the car you're looking at will be there for you.

3. Look At The Condition

Before you sign anything with a vehicle, you need to do some cursory type of maintenance scan. You should look at the condition of your new vehicle, both inside and out. If there are parts that have been replaced or fixed on the exterior, see if they were replaced with something authentic or not.

If parts on the interior or the engine were replaced, look for proof that they're going to hold up. The last thing you need is for the car to fall apart on your big day or during your special event.

Looking at the condition of the vehicle shows the people you're renting it from that you take things seriously. It also gives them a metric for how you're going to treat this car, which might ease their mind about the rental. 

4. Build For Smaller Families

Most vintage cars don't have anywhere near the space that modern cars have. Most of the cars built before the 1950s had two seats located in the front and little to no backseat at all.

If you're looking to get one of these cars for driving your whole big family around, you're out of luck. These cars were designed for the bachelors of the town or city to show off around. They were made for just the driver and their date.

Plenty of vintage car companies don't actually let you drive the car. What you get for the price is a chauffeur who is happy to take you where you want to go. If this is okay with you, then your event or party should go off without a hitch.

5. Getting the Best Price

When renting a vintage car, you want to avoid any strange or hidden fees the renter might have for you. Ask for an "all-inclusive" quote on the price before you sign. This will give you an idea as the to tax price, the license fees, or any kind of charges they could ask.

They can request that you refill the gas up to the point they left the car at. If you don't, they will hit you up for gas at some ridiculous fee like $10 per hour. If this is peak season, you have to follow the rules so that you don't get left without a vehicle.

Ask about wedding packages too. You could end up getting the car for several hours for just a couple of hundred dollars. If you just need it for a photo shoot or to get from the chapel to the reception, then you're not going to pay too much.

Don't forget to tip either when you get yourself a driver. Drivers get around 15%-20% on top of what the company charged you for the rental. This addition ensures that the company and the driver are pleased with you.

Vintage Car Rental Is a Classy Way To Travel

Whether you're visiting a city for the first time or you're getting dressed up for an anniversary, vintage car rental gives you what you need. When you show up to your next major even in a vintage car, people are going to turn their heads and stare, in the best way possible.

If you want to throw your own vintage car party, check out our guide for more info.