Finding the Perfect Wedding Car for Your Vintage-Themed Wedding

A lot of thought goes into putting together your special day. It will undoubtedly be a highlight of your life, one you’ll recount and share for years to come. You’ve found your dream venue, you know exactly what’s going to be on the menu, and you put together the perfect playlist for the dance floor. But, there’s one detail you may have missed in the hustle of organizing that Vinty can help you check off your list: renting the perfect vintage wedding car.


Make the Little Moments Count

            The best part of your wedding day is having all your loved ones in the same place to celebrate you finding someone to spend your life with. However, all that attention becomes overwhelming. A solitary moment with your partner may only come in your drive from the wedding after your processional exit. Make those fleeting moments some of the best of the day. Sharing the experience of a drive in an iconic wedding car will not only keep your Prius out of your wedding photos but give your first minutes as a couple a little extra magic.


Capture Every Second

While taking photos might not be the most memorable part of your wedding day, they are the best way to capture all those incredible memories you will make. Give your photos plenty of thought, they will be the way you share your special day with your children and your children’s children. Here are some tips to make sure you capture every one of those special moments as well as you can:


1.      Define Your Style

Make sure you and your partner have thought out and written down exactly what you want the feel of the wedding will be. Are you thinking rustic or modern, refined or all-inclusive, simple or ornate? The more specific you can get, the easier it is for your photographer to capture things the way you want them to be captured. 


2.      Do Your Research

To make sure you find the perfect professional to shoot your wedding, make sure you give yourself time to research and meet with a couple of photographers before you commit. Really pore through their portfolios and look for the details. The shots should be thoughtfully composed, well-edited, and well-lit. Most importantly, you should feel that they captured each couple’s individual style. Once you’ve found some candidates, sit down with them and make sure you all connect on a personal level.  The more face time they have with you, the more they’ll get to know what you’re looking for and the more they will be invested in shooting amazing photos for you!


3.      Hedge Your Bets

Sometimes planning to redundancy can give you a little extra peace of mind. If you really want to make sure you get every moment captured on your special day, why not hire 2 different photographers? Try and find two individuals you connect with but are stylistically unique. While you might have a few extra photos to sort through after the fact, you will not miss a moment.


4.      Be unique!

Plan some interesting scenes and props that speak to your unique style. Take full advantage of the natural beauty around an outdoor wedding. Make sure your menu and table setting speak to your personalities and bring all your loved ones together. Props like ribbon wands or sparklers will make your processional exit (one of the most photographed parts of the wedding) a farewell to remember. And, be sure to rent a vintage car for that extra luxurious and classy detail. If your choices reflect your own personality, there is no wrong answer.


Choose The Best Vintage Car For You  

 We know you are searching for that little detail that will transform your wedding day into a fairy tale that represents you and your partner’s unique love. Vinty’s classic wedding car collection can cater to any style. You can go the truly classic route with a restored 1930 Model A (don’t worry, it has air conditioning). If the luxury look is what you are going for, the 1955 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud or Princess Phantom might be your choice.  Are you and your happily ever after looking for something with a little muscle? Maybe you could peel out in a 1969 Pontiac Firebird or a 1966 Ford Mustang GT. Whatever your style, Vinty has the vintage wedding car for you.