First Rental Walkthroughs for Renters & Owners

For Renters

Now that you’ve created your Vinty account, you’re ready to place your first rental! Here is a quick walkthrough of what steps to follow for your first rental.



The fastest and easiest way to confirm a car’s availability for your event or rental is to send a message to the owner through their Vinty profile or to place a booking request directly through the car listing.


Placing the request.

When placing a request to book, make sure to include any information about your rental plan that has yet to be discussed with the car owner. For basics, you can start with the date, location, timeline, and the overall plan for the rental.


Rental Time!

Now it’s the fun part! Whether you are driving the car, using the car for a photo shoot, or are being transported after the wedding ceremony – always abide by the car owner’s rules and guidelines.

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After the rental has been completed and the car is returned safe to the owner, make sure you mark the order “Completed” on the Vinty platform and leave a nice review for the owner!

For Owners

Now that you’ve created your Vinty account, listed your car, and added your payment information - you’re ready to accept your first rental! Here is a quick walkthrough of what steps to follow for your first rental.



Customers will send requests for your cars through two methods

1.) A direct message to your Vinty profile. The direct message to your Vinty profile will not expire but should be responded to within 24hrs of receiving the message.

2.) A booking request for a specific car. These messages are usually informational and are mainly used by customers to gain general information about car rentals, their availability, and any rental guidelines.



The booking request is a perishable message that will expire if not accepted within 72 hours. When receiving a booking request, it is best to reply as fast as possible to gain the necessary rental info needed to decide whether you can fulfill the rental. Once you have all the info you need, select the “Accept” button to secure the rental.


Rental Execution.

Be sure to take note of all requests made by the customer, and blow them away with your service! It’s always a good gesture to show up 5-10 minutes early to your reservation.



So, you’ve completed the rental and now it’s time for your payday! Woo!

Once the renter marks their transaction completed, payment will be sent directly to your bank account or Paypal account.

Give the renter a review to show other car owners that they are good customers for future rentals!