Going Old School with a Classic Wedding Car Rental


Weddings are times full of love and moments shares with family and friends. Let’s be honest they’re giant parties where we get to celebrate our favorite people! What’s not to love? With weddings come months, sometimes even years, of planning to have the perfect day. It can be easy to get overwhelmed and forget about things like transportation but it’s more important that you think.

Why go with a vintage or classic car rental?

You’re probably planning thirteen other things right now, so why on earth would you worry about what car you’re going to drive? Well let’s be honest, I don’t think a white Hummer stretch limo was really your idea of the perfect car and it might make for some rough photos. What’s the best way of making your ride as unique as your wedding? Going with a classic luxury car rental.

Here are some tips to get the best experience with your rental:

1) Plan ahead!

It’s best to book your transportation early. That’s not a hard rule, your selection will just be more limited for most places. There’s an exception to this rule, it’s Vinty! Knowing that most of us will wait until the last minute to plan this detail Vinty made a service where you can plan last minute and not make sacrifices. So if you’re like us and want to wait to see the weather before deciding on that convertible this would be a good option.

2) Use a trusted booking service

By using a booking service you’re saving yourself from catastrophe. Trust me, the last thing you want is to be shoved into that back of your aunt’s Prius because your rental broke down. Going with a rental service will give you a contact for help with any major issue. By looking at online reviews you can see if this company has a proven track record with other couples, this is important to establish their credibility and ultimately the quality of your rental.

Find Vinty’s rental ratings here.

3) Don’t forget the size and model

When picking out the perfect car it’s important to keep in mind how large the rental is and how many people it fits. No one wants to be cramped in a car filled with wedding dress. Use pictures from your trusted rental place to judge whether it’s the right fit.

4) Consider the distance you plan to travel

Are you going on the highway? Will the car have to travel quickly? Ask these questions when considering which wedding car rental to go with. A vintage 1929 Oakland 6-54 might look beautiful, but it will take you much longer to get to your reception than say a 1959 Porsche 356 Convertible Speedster. Will your hair be ruined after driving in a convertible? Do you care? All these questions are key factors to ask yourself and the owner of the car when you’re looking.

5) Make a Schedule and stick to it

When looking into your car rental, one of the last things you’ll do is make a schedule for the driver. It’s important to consider whether you’ll want pictures with the car, if you’d like the car to drive you from the reception as well, and where the car will meet you. Keeping a detailed timeline for your chauffer or car owner will ensure there is no confusion with your transportation on your special day.

The moment in between

Thought out the day you and your partner will be surrounded by people. You won’t have a lot of time to be alone so the moments you do have are sacred. The ride from the ceremony to the reception can be one of those moments. You want this ride to be an experience because this moment is about the two of you and the first ride, of many, you’re sharing together on this new journey you’ve embarked on. Make it special with a classic vintage car rental.

Get inspired by Vinty’s selection of wedding rental cars here!