How to Maintain the Interior of Your Vintage Car


Maintaining the interior of a vintage car is equally as important as the outside appearance and running condition of your beloved vehicle. You have gone to the trouble of purchasing your favorite wheels, so it follows that you would want to keep it in great condition, particularly the cab. Remember, first impressions count. It goes without saying that the capital you have put into maintaining the interior of a vintage car will reap rewards in time to come.

The Bottom Line

Your vintage car proved your expensive childhood-dream car, so caring for it makes sense as it occupies a prime position in your garage. You bought it because you desperately wanted it and it is now officially yours. Time for bragging rights to the world, correct? Well, not exactly. After taking delivery of your vintage car, it will need some tender loving care from the outset, as well as regular care and maintenance going forward.

Glamorously Clean is the Word

Before taking a drive, a decent full valet service is essential, and that needs to include the interior, body, engine cavity, undercarriage, and trunk – not forgetting the tires! This will confirm the overall condition of your proud choice, something you may not have turned to when you close the deal. Certain issues may even fall under warranty cover if you bought from a reputable dealer or private seller.

Done and Dusted What Next?

All aspects of restoration are equally important, and ignoring one in favor of another may hold significant sway when it comes to establishing a true market value. Since the first thing most prospective buyers wish to see is the interior, we will begin our review in the cab:

Interior Impressions Count Big Time

Slipping into the driver’s seat and behind the wheel is the first, and one of the most important impressions any prospective car buyer will experience. How does it look? From the hood liner to the dashboard, from the seats to the carpets or mats, and all the other trim inside the cab needs to look original, classy. Keep in mind that you are purchasing this period-beauty with long-term investment in mind, so leave ‘no stone unturned’ when it comes to appearance.

What Else Counts?

Regular Maintenance - Having a good-looking vintage ride is important for anyone admiring your vintage car when you park publicly, and the external appearance and engine is what generally turns heads. With regular oil changes, and other fluid top-ups and tune-ups, your engine needs to remain in peak condition. Remember to keep your vehicle logbook up to date.

Prime the Pumps

Stopping at a red light with a beautiful vintage car and the booming engine will attract a lot of attention. Just make sure that your wheels are up for scrutiny when you take off because there is nothing more embarrassing than a non-event! Whether you just picked up a new vintage ride or have had one in your garage for years now, taking care of your proud acquisition is vital.

One last piece of advice when it comes to maintaining the interior of your vintage car; why not consider vintage car rental before deciding to buy. This will confirm if this is something you feel passionate about, or if it is just simple fascination.