Ideal Road Trip for a Classic Muscle Car Rental and an Unforgettable Experience


The ideal Muscle Car road trip…

If you’ve been wanting to drive a 1969 Pontiac GTO for years, be glad that you found Vinty.

There it is, in perfect condition “The Judge” a beautiful American muscle car.

Orange and shiny, she brings out the kid in anyone that would watch Starsky and Hutch like they were god’s gift to the earth.

Since I’ve been planning my trip with this car I figured I’d share my plans for the ideal unforgettable muscle car experience.

This trip will make you feel truly American in the best way, and that’s a promise.

The pickup…

You’re going to pick up your dream muscle car bright and early, no need to stress over what to pick. Vinty’s selection of muscle cars is vast and so scrolling through should land you on one that catches your eye.

When you pick up your rental muscle car make sure you ask the owner a lot of questions. Things like:

What speed should I cap at?

What kind of gas does the car take?

Does the car have any quirks that I should be aware of?

The best part about renting right from the owner and not just some random company is that they know their car. They’re going to tell you the ins and outs of your rental before you even step in it and that makes for a better ride and over all experience.

The first drive…

Your first drive should be a long one. My dream is to drive to the nearest small town. Somewhere I can be surrounded by nature and long roads. This will set the day up for fulfilling that fantasy of 70’s road trips. All I want to hear for a while is the hum of that engine not pushing but launching me across that expanse of road.

First stop…

Take your muscle car somewhere to cool down for lunch, maybe a nice diner around the town, a drive-up restaurant where you can eat outside, any place that helps you suspend your disbelief and feel like you’re living in another era is the ideal spot.

Unplug and Unwind…

Turn your phone off, keep your laptop at home, and let the road take you. You want to have a general idea of time and maybe some goals throughout the day but never let them prevent you from doing something you see and want to do.

One of the awesome things about renting a muscle car is you can go where the wind takes you. This is what makes driving with no real goal so amazing. It can show you the road isn’t just a way to get places but also a place itself.

The last stop…

It sounds cliché but watching the sunset is one of those timeless things. Taking that classic car up the side of a hill to a look out to watch the sun go down will end your day with the kind of Zen like peace that sure to put yoga classes to shame.

Your night doesn’t have to end there though! Going to some dive afterward to eat a yummy burger and play pool while talking story with some locals would be the best dinner location any muscle car could ask for.

Plus, you’ll probably get a lot of street cred with the locals in your new ride.


Ultimately …

Muscle cars are an escape to an era where people couldn’t get a hole of you 24/7 and a road trip with one of them should put you in the mood to truly relax. Take your time and enjoy the simple things with a muscle car rental.