3 Classic Car Rentals for an Epic Road Trip to Joshua Tree

old classic car rental

Joshua Tree National Park is a trendy place where two deserts meet and folk stream from San Diego to weekends to overnight in six airstream trailers painted psychedelic colors. They also have a collection of bungalows dating from the 1920’s, and a Wild West movie set turned into a honky-tonk bar. Your old classic car rental from Vinty will feel right at home among like-minded folk like these.

Easy Riding to Joshua Park in an Old Classic Car Rental

Every old classic car rental from Vinty is in first-rate condition. It will readily eat up the 160 miles on Highway 62. Best allow three hours for the trip if the road is busy, otherwise, you can shave thirty minutes off your schedule. Depending on whether you are planning to just stop by, overnight, or camp we have great choices of old classic car rental day trippers, overnight convertibles, and camper vans if you want to take the frame tent and folding dining table.

Old Classic Car Rental Day Roadtrippers with Fixed Hard Tops

Highway 62 is in superb condition and invites you to pump the throttle if you are planning to do the round trip in one day. It can also get quite warm in the open spaces where the Mojave and Colorado Deserts meet so you are going to need wide opening windows too. Do you fancy a 1970 Buick Electra in fire engine red with all the trimmings? In its heyday, this old classic car rental had all the extras.

An Overnight Convertible in Trad British Style to Turn the Heads

When the Brits launched their MG MGB Roadster in 1969, the US market snapped up most of the production. This old classic car rental in canary yellow is one of our favorites for an overnight at Joshua Tree National Park. One of those 1920’s bungalows will set it off to perfection. And when you drive up to the honky-tonk, the country and western may stop playing for a moment, while the band streams out to look.

An Old Classic Car Camper that Swallows the Frame Tent Too

The surreal features, ancient history and wide-open spaces of Joshua Park invite you to sleep under the stars in one of nine campgrounds with facilities provided. It’s a hard choice although a 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon Westphalia with pop-up roof and electrical and water hookups might do the job just fine. We have several older classic car rental campervans to choose from.

Why Use an Old Classic Car Rental to Visit Joshua Park  

Joshua Tree National Park has paved roads to all the main attractions, and the going is easy and level between the mighty rock formations. A myriad of natural attractions invites you to visit them with windows open and hood down if you can. A modern auto with air-conditioner filters destroys the sweet natural aromas of the wilderness around you.

However, an old classic car rental from Vinty with a loving owner makes a drive through Joshua Park remind us how the place looked in 1936 and we can sense the goodness all around us. President Roosevelt declared it a National Monument in that year and they all drove what would become classic cars.