Classic Car Spotlight: 5 reasons Why You Should Rent a VW Bus

rent a vw bus

Rent a VW Bus for your Next Adventure


Nothing embodies the classic road trip vibe more than a VW bus. They are truly cultural icons and a great chance for you to get road on the road, forget about your troubles and be ready for an excellent adventure. Here are our top five reasons why you need to rent a VW bus for your next epic classic car road trip.


1) Room for Friends

Let’s face it, most cars today are too compact for you to really bring the friends along. Even SUVs can feel tight five adults and their stuff in there. VW buses are spacious. They have enough room for everyone you want to bring and plenty of space for all the camping gear, surfboards and even bikes to either throw in the back on on the roof.


2) No Matter Where You Go, You are Home

They are also perfect for the solo adventurer or couple because you have space to crash in the back. This means that you can go anywhere and hike the best trails. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about setting up a tent or even bring along one for that matter! Which means extra space for anything else you might want to bring. How about a grill?


3) Old-School Charm

Driving one of them gives you a much better adventure than renting some modern vehicles. You might not have heated seats or be able to cruise much above sixty-five miles per hour, but you also can really be in the moment with the windows down, radio cranked up and your hand on the throttle. It’s so much more of a good time than some new ride with all the bells and whistles attached (especially those cars that sync with your phone so you can still see every email you get!)


4) They are Easy to Drive

Most of the vans are manual so that might be a challenge if you haven’t driven one before or it’s been a while since you have worked a clutch. But really that’s it. Unlike an RV which may give you plenty of space, it’s kind of a nightmare the rest of time. When you rent a VW bus, it is spacious, but its overall footprint isn’t much bigger than a full-size car which means things like parking and navigating traffic don’t have to be a challenge at all.


5) VW Busses are Unique

If you rent a Ford Focus in Miami, it is going to look and drive very similar to one that you rent in Los Angeles, New York or even Tokyo for that matter. On the other hand, each VW bus has its own character. They have been customized in unique ways and can come with a host of amenities from rotating seats and a dining table to sinks and even a pop-out tent. Each time you rent one, you have a new opportunity to experience a unique taste of the past.


Break Out of the Mold

There is a reason why whenever we see a VW bus, we immediately think of fun vacations and epic road trips and that’s because they are the ultimate vehicle to take you on these spectacular vacations. So rent a VW bus and give yourself this unforgettable experience because once you do, there’s a good chance you’ll come back to do it again!