3 Reward Performance Ideas for Your Top Employees

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3 Employment Engagement Activities: Great Ideas for Rewarding Your Top Performing Employees

The top ten percent get overlooked. It’s a known fact that the bottom tenth of your team demands the majority of your energy to manage and motivate.That means your most valuable people can be left feeling underappreciated. Developing employee engagement activities designed to spotlight your top performers is a great way to spread the wealth and showcase the vision and principles that make your organization a great place to be.

Employment Engagement Activities that Inspire, Motivate, and Connect with Top Performers

Here are a the top 3 proven activities and special events you can use to let your amazing employees know they are appreciated, and you really do care.

1. Throw Parties with Purpose

When the days grow shorter, many companies use year-end parties to celebrate successes and reward the hard work and dedication which led to the realization of important goals. Why not take this opportunity to single out team members who have gone above and beyond; key players who contributed at the highest level.  Throwing parties with employees in mind will bring about a deep level of appreciation for both the company and the employees.

2. Team Building Through Common Interests

As your employees grow, it may be time for them to test their leadership abilities. Offer activities that complement your employee’s interests and create stronger interpersonal bonds; like sponsoring an employee athletic team or hosting a charitable event which aligns with your organization’s mission. You will end up with a more invested workforce and the beginnings of a leadership development program.

3. Recognize Your Employees Effort with a Gift

Show gratuity through different acts like free vacations, gifts, or vouchers. Similarly, classic car rentals are a distinctive way to show appreciation towards an employee. Instead of hiring a driver, allow them to get behind the wheel of their dream car by renting them a classic car for the day. Also, if you are planning an event, classic car rentals bring a unique touch to your corporate function, making it an unforgettable experience for your guests. Your employees will arrive in style, feel special, and valued at your year-end event.

Get Ready for Your Next Corporate Event

There is value in rewarding your top performing employees. Whether it be end of the year corporate parties or driving the car of their dreams. Employee’s will definitely appreciate the effort put in by their employers. Employee engagement activities are a great way to make room on your plate for the top ten percent, so start planning today.