How to Stand Out as an Automotive Photographer

Red car volkswagen

Whether you want to take some pictures of the car you just bought or are a photographer interested in the thrilling world of automotive photography, there are some tips and tricks you can use to make your photos pop and dazzle. Check out these top five techniques on how to stand out as an automotive photographer.

1) Watch the Reflections

The best car photos are those that come from spotless, shiny cars. But you can completely ruin a shot if you don’t check what is being reflected on its surface. You typically want to shoot in wide open areas, avoid plants and buildings. They will distort the image so the contours and lines of the car do not stand out as much.

2) Motion Shots

These are the trickiest shots put if done correctly, you will be amply rewarded. The best pictures of a moving car come from photos taken from another moving car. This is where shutter speed is key.

Switch it to 1/100th of a second while you are traveling between thirty and forty miles per hours. Play around with shutter speeds and vehicles speeds so you can get some truly unique pictures.

3) Get a Circular Polarizer

This handy little device does not even have to set you back more than $25. What it allows you to do is block reflections in certain elements of the shot. This gives you more of an opportunity to choose the certain features you want to pop or not. Combined with a tripod, you can get a wide variety of different shots that just may surprise you!

4) Get Down Low

This is Photography 101. It’s all about the angles, but particularly with automotive photography, this is a great way to capture a vehicle from an impressive perspective. You have to get down real low, sometimes even lying on the grass or pavement so save yourself the trouble by skipping wearing the white suit on this day!

Old white car.png

5) Car + Nature= Awesome Photo

Think about every car commercial that you have ever seen. Trucks are usually kicking up huge piles of dirt while roadsters are twisting and turning mountain roads. A still photography shot with the right background really shows how impressive the machine can be. Play around with some of the places you go, sometimes you might find a place that is a little counterintuitive but be impressed by how good things actually look.

The Most Important Tip: Experiment

Photography is an art and the best thing you can do is experiment. Try different shots from different angles at different lightings. This is the best way for you to figure out what looks good and what doesn’t. Best of all, you might stumble upon something other people haven’t, which is how you can truly stand out as an automotive photographer.