Unrestored 1957 Porsche 356A Speedster secures high auction price


The romance of the barn find tugs at the hearts of every car enthusiast. If we only had an uncle who drove a classic Bugatti or Maserati on the weekends, only to park it 40 years ago and never touch it again. Then, upon his death, your name appears in his will, bestowing the priceless classic in your name. Again, if only...A very personal relationship Well, this is a similar story. This 1957 Porsche 356A 1600 Speedster was purchased by John Casper in 1957 and driven about 1,700 miles a year until 1975.

The invoice shows a purchase date of May 31, 1957, from Shakespeare Motors in Hoopeston, Illinois. And in case you’re wondering, John was the first and only owner of this Porsche.

John enjoyed his Porsche and was regularly seen driving the car. Although never driven on a track or raced, the car is adorned with Road American stickers as John attended numerous Porsche Club of America events.

Parked but not forgotten Unfortunately, after driving and enjoying the car for 18 years, John was unable to drive it anymore and it was put into storage.

John was a true Porsche enthusiast. He cared for the car as evidenced by the availability of the original service booklet and service stickers on the door jamb. In addition, John only drove the Porsche during the summer months, away from the wet Chicago winter’s and helped keep it rust free.

John passed away about five years ago. A lifelong family friend acquired the Porsche from the estate in 2016. The new owner, when reviewing the car’s documentation, found the original title which everyone had feared was lost.

Rarity is increasingly hard to find The incredible condition of this car and its rarity is becoming increasingly difficult to find. This “barn find” Porsche 356A sold at Auction America’s Hilton Head event for $665,500, well over the expected selling price. The new owner is fortunate. As enthusiasts, we can only hope the car is restored to its original condition.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Auctions America