Weekend Trip: Top 5 Vintage Cars for Rent in the Los Angeles County

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Vintage Cars for Rent in Los Angeles


Nothing beats escaping the hustle and bustle of the LA smog and traffic and heading either up the coast or into the mountains. There is no better way to do that than with your own classic cars. LA has some of the best scenic drives out there. For your next weekend getaway, be sure to check out one of our fantastic vintage cars for rent. Whether you want a throaty muscle car or a smooth lowrider we have what you are looking for. Here are our top 5 vintage cars for rent from our LA inventory.


1) The Beach Buggy

Nothing says classic California style than the Beach Buggy. This thing looks fun even just sitting there! These vintage cars for rent are the perfect beach mobile and fit two surfboards on the roof so exactly what you need to take up the coast to Malibu and really hit the waves in style. What better way is there to enjoy that year-round perfect California weather!


2) 1975 Cadillac El Dorado

For some many kids, the El Dorado was the dream car growing up. It has style, smoothness and a deceptively powerful engine under the hood. This convertible is from the peak era of El Dorados so it is the perfect blend of fun, function, and utility. You can cruise up and down the coast and has enough muscle to squeeze around some truck on those tight mountain roads.


3) 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera

Certain brands are defined by one model in particular. For Porsche that is the 911 Carrera. This is a vintage car that has changed so little that even the current model hardly differs from its vintage brethren. If you looking to get out of town and do it fast, then there is the car for you. Its six-speed manual transmission is just begging for you to do a little power shifting through the mountains just north of Los Angeles.


4) 1957 Ford Thunderbird

When it comes to vintage cars for rent the Ford Thunderbird is truly the iconic California car. From classic movies to the streets of Santa Monica, you can still see their style brightening up the California motorways. They are large, spacious, and absolutely comfortable. There is also just something so unique about driving such a piece of American automotive history. It a must-drive on any vintage car enthusiast's list.

1957 Ford Thunderbird


5) Land Rover Defender

This is one of the newer cars in our inventory, but it is because it is such a rare gem in regards to vintage cars for rent. Not all of us are looking for that smooth ride down the coast. Some of us are looking for a little adventure and there is no better way to find that than in this classic Land Rover Defender. It is ready for some fun out there. Best of all, it still is a convertible so you can really get the wind in your hair.


Just the Beginning

Los Angeles is one of the top Vinty locations. These five excellent vintage cars for rent are just a drop in the bucket of the excellent selection we have. So check out our inventory and choose one of our perfect vintage cars and plan an unforgettable getaway!

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