Owner Spotlight: April '19


Mike Nicholl

Mike Nicholl, the man behind Classic & Collectible Cars Las Vegas, and his family have been in the Classic Car business for 37 years! Check out his story and learn how the Las Vegas area has provided plenty of business.

This month, we catch up with Mike nicholl, who has a long-standing classic car dealership in las vegas that also rents their cars for production and travel industries.

Mike’s Garage

I really like it when people rent my cars for their wedding. It’s an exciting time and the car is always a hit with their guests and in photos. It beats a stodgy limo any day.
— Mike Nicholl


Tell us a bit about yourself and how you have come to own your classic cars!

  • My family has been in the classic car business in Las Vegas for 37 years. We mainly specialize in classic car sales, but we have always offered some of our vehicles for TV/movie production and commercial displays. Las Vegas is a hotbed for production work these days.

When did you join Vinty and why? How many rentals have you done with us so far? Total income from Vinty so far?

  • We have been with Vinty for a few years and have done a few dozen rentals. We aren't looking for a high volume of rentals. It's just a sideline business for the personal cars that belong to my brother and I. 

Why do you continue to rent your car through Vinty even if there are other rental companies around?

  • Vinty is a great platform for private parties to rent a classic car. We used to just limit our vehicles to professional renters only. When we heard about Vinty, my brother and I decided to allow some of our personal vehicles to be rented for personal use.

What do you enjoy most about being able to rent your classic cars through Vinty? Any special rental stories?

  • I don't have a particular favorite rental story. However, I really like it when people rent my cars for their wedding.  It's an exciting time and the car is always a hit with their guests and in photos.  It beats a stodgy limo any day.

What advice would you give to other owners renting their cars through Vinty?

  • I recommend that owners always take a test drive with the renter.  Driving a classic car is not like driving a [modern] vehicle. It's important to let a new driver get a feel for the car especially the brakes!  Sometimes first time classic car drivers are nervous. I always tell them to relax and enjoy the experience. After about 30 minutes of driving, they'll feel like they've owned the car for years.

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