Owner Spotlight: July '19

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Andrew Mandolene

Learn about how this Palm Springs car collector is putting his fleet to work!

This month, we catch up with Andrew Mandolene from Palm Springs, CA. Andrew is a car collector with a unique collection spanning many different eras and types of vehicles with his most popular vehicles commonly rented for wedding & commercial photoshoots.

Andrew’s Garage

Here are two of Andrew’s most popular vehicles on Vinty. Follow the link below to view Andrew’s full selection at over 14 vehicles.

Since joining Vinty a year ago, I think I did about 10 rentals with about $5,000 in profit.
— Andrew Madolene


How did your passion for cars get started?

  • Since my childhood, my brothers and I used to play with Matchboxes, build 125 scale model cars and build the neighborhoods & shopping centers in which to park them. We used to be able to name every car on the road and identify the year built. As an adult, obtaining my first car, a 1974 MGB in Chartreuse with black interior was a thrill. Unfortunately it was constantly in the shop. Every morning i would have to open the hood, dry off the distributor even before attempting to start the engine. Once running, it was a blast to drive. The obsession with collecting began there. Meeting my partner, now husband 32 years ago with the same passion resulted in our collection growing to 20 vehicles to date.

How long have you been with Vinty? Estimated income from rentals?

  • I joined Vinty about a year ago after meeting Pierre at an event in the Palm Springs area. Once seeing their organized, professional website & way of working with owners & clients, I wanted to participate in the program. Since joining, think about 10 rentals with about $5,000 [not sure of the totals] in profit.

What do you enjoy most about being able to rent your classic cars through Vinty?

  • I have offered my cars [and as an art director been a renter for fashion photo shoots] through a few other services in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco & Palm Springs over the years but I feel that Vinty makes it the simplest process of them all - and most responsive.

What was your most memorable rental?

  • Most memorable was a recent project with an artist who rented my 1964 Thunderbird. I actually collaborated/contributed locations in which to shoot with her once I knew her objective & goal. Super talented & appreciative photographer. Look forward to seeing her final results for her next show.

What advice would you give to other car collectors?

  • My advice is to be patient with request to rent, not all come to fruition but when they do it can be profitable & fun too.

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