Owner Spotlight: May '19

Edgar Arriaza

Edgar, a classic Japanese car collector, has used his location in Hollywood, CA to put his cars to work in various photo shoots, music videos, and more!

This month, we catch up with Edgar arriaza, who has two unique japanese classics that are gaining popularity amongst fashion clients and musicians alike.

Edgar’s Garage

It feels awesome to see the car you work hard for on TV.
— Edgar Arriaza


  • Tell us a bit about yourself and how you have come to own your classic cars!  

    1. I have loved cars since I was about 7 years old. My Dad had a 1979 Toyota Land Cruiser and he would take us for long drives around the coast.

  • When did you join Vinty and why? How many rentals have you done with us so far? Total income from Vinty so far?

    1. I first heard about Vinty about 3 years ago. The first time I rented my truck, I was a bit nervous, but when I saw that Vinty verifies all the insurance and handles the payment securely through Vinty – it gave me a sense of security. I have rented my 1976 Toyota pick up truck about 6 times already and have made a good amount of cash with the rentals, also my 84 Toyota Supra has gone out 2 times and has already appeared in a music video and concert tour covers.

  • Why have you decided to stick with Vinty even though there are other options for classic car rental?

    1. Vinty’s rental guidelines has giving me the peace of mind that my car will be covered at all times. Not sure if I would feel the same about other companies.

  • What was your most memorable rental?

    1. My 1976 Toyota Hilux has over 1 million video views thanks to a Korean Piano artist who used it for a music video while on tour in Los Angeles. My Hilux has also been used made in the UK Vogue men magazine for Spring 2019. 

  • Have you seen your car(s) in advertising or promotional materials after a rental?

    1. Yes, music videos and social media. It feels awesome to see the car you work hard for on TV.

  • What advice would you give to other owners renting their cars through Vinty?

    1. Anyone who loves cars and has a classic car to share should give Vinty the opportunity to put it out there and you will for sure be happy.

If you would like to share your cars and their stories, get in touch with us to be featured in the next Owner Spotlight!