Owner Spotlight: November '19

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Learn about how Stephan is putting its classic vans to work! Since joining Vinty more than 2 years ago, Stephan did about 10 rentals with about $20,000 in revenue.

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This month, we catch up with Stephan from Epoch in Ventura, CA.

Epoch’s Garage

Here are some of their vehicles on Vinty.

Epoch Restorations and Adventures Vintage Van and Vintage Camper Rentals and Restorations Ventura Ojai Los Angeles Santa Barbara Malibu cropped.jpg


How did your passion for cars get started?

  • As a Michigan transplant, my family is very much rooted in the auto industry. Specifically, my grandpa started a Ford Model A, Model T and Roadster reproduction company. I initially got involved in owning vintage vehicles when I purchased and restored my 1966 Clark Cortez camper in 2014 (link to the story) so I could spend stints in Flagstaff, Arizona to train for the Olympic Trials Marathon.

How long have you been with Vinty? Estimated income from rentals?

  • I joined vinty in 2017 when Pierre reached out to me regarding a production opportunity with 76 Gas Station. Since then I have done several rentals with Vinty, including a continued campaign with 76 Gas Station over the years and have grown my fleet of vintage vehicles and props/sets for my business, Epoch Restorations and Adventures.

    Since joining Vinty mid-2017, Epoch did about 10 rentals with about $20,000 in revenue.

What do you enjoy most about being able to rent your classic cars through Vinty?

  • I like the peace of mind. I know that when a rental is booked through Vinty it is a bound agreement and I am covered in terms of cancelations.

  • I stick with Vinty because I get to control the rental prices and Vinty is open to various ways to promote my entire fleet.

What was your most memorable rental?

What advice would you give to other car collectors?

  • I would tell prospective renters to be open to production opportunities that might sound a little out of the box. Set the parameters early on if there are any alterations comes shoot day, be sure to get it in writing if there are any additional add-ons or requests.

If you would like to share your cars and their stories, get in touch with us to be featured in the next Owner Spotlight!