Owner Spotlight: September '19


Calvin Dutton

Learn about how this Oakwood car collector is putting his classic car to work! Since joining Vinty a year ago, Calvin did about 10 rentals with about $2,500 in profit.

This month, we catch up with Calvin Dutton from Oakwood, CA.

Calvin’s Garage

Here is Calvin’s vehicle on Vinty.


How did your passion for cars get started?

  • I’m super new to the world of classic vehicles and basically just stumbled into it. A year and a half ago after moving to LA, I was looking for a truck in my price budget, but I wanted something that fit my vibe. Which is when I came across my 1980 Chevy Silverado Camper Special.

How long have you been with Vinty? Estimated income from rentals?

  • I have been with Vinty since October 2018. And the reason I sought out a company that rented out classic vehicles was that I was receiving so many great comments about my truck whenever I was driving it. The Vinty website looked like a great platform to showcase my classic vehicle, and since I’ve joint Vinty it has proven to have value.

    Since joining Vinty last year ago, Calvin did about 10 rentals with about $2,500 in profit.

What do you enjoy most about being able to rent your classic cars through Vinty?

  • I like that the communication between client and owner is made to be very simple. And when questions arise about any step of the process Vinty is very helpful and quick to respond.

  • I feel as though I am working with genuine people.

What was your most memorable rental?

  • My most memorable rental was also my most recent and my truck was being used in a short film. One of the lead actors so happened to be a childhood favorite of mine and her character played the owner of my truck.

What advice would you give to other car collectors?

  • For anyone looking to use Vinty to rent their cars, I think it is important to iron out all details and concerns dealing with your vehicle before you say yes to the job.

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