Planning 101: Picking your Wedding Classic Car Rental

wedding classic car rental

If you want to make your wedding stand, having a wedding classic car rental is one sure-fire way of making it happen. It begins with finding a reputable vintage car rental company with a good variety of autos. You and your partner probably have an idea of the classic vehicle model you want for the day. This article presents six things you should know.

  1. Simply the Best - Wedding classic car rental is quite different to hiring a car after arriving at your holiday or business destination. Renting a vintage car will definitely make your wedding day unique. This classic and unusual transport from the past lets you and your partner-to-be make an impressive entrance on a memorable occasion. Continue reading, as we consider other important pointers to the perfect wedding day.

  2. Do the Research - You definitely do not want your wedding classic car rental remembered for the wrong reasons! Choosing a reputable vintage car rental company with an impressive record of accomplishment is important in avoiding a disappointing rollout on your special day. If you want complete peace of mind, make use of an online facility like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) - click here for the link.

  3. The Sooner you Book the Better - Now that you have found the right company to rent a vintage ride from, secure and confirm your booking as soon as possible. This may mean up to a year before your wedding.

  4. Legalities - Booking your wedding classic car rental does involve legal formalities, no surprise there. If they do not offer insurance cover, you have to ask why. Consider the fallout from roadside incidents, even if you were not driving, because you signed the agreement. The bottom line is choosing a bona fide operator that has all bases covered. You can also benefit greatly from wedding insurance.

  5. Two’s Company, Apart from the Driver– Typically, your wedding classic car rental is for two persons only, why would you want more. Liability issues mean you probably will not get to drive the vintage car. The solution is in using a uniformed chauffeur. This adds tremendous value to your special event.

  6. Know What You Are Entering Into - We recommend that you carefully inspect your chosen vehicle’s condition before signing any agreement. Include body, chassis, engine, and suspension in the check. Look at the air-conditioner as well as lights, windows, and doors. Is the interior to your liking?

Other Issues You Need to Know About

When arranging your wedding classic car rental, you may want to consider hiring a classic car for invited guests. Your car is for you and your partner, not forgetting your debonair chauffeur of course!

Wedding Classic Car Rental Costs

We all have to work within a budget, so know what you are signing up for before putting pen to paper. Watch for hidden extras in your quotes. Ask about driver gratuities. In general, wedding rental companies propose a gratuity of 15 to 20 percent of the hiring cost. You can pay this directly to the chauffeur or have it added to the invoice.

All that remains is to wish you an exquisite day, and please make the most of your wedding classic car rental!