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    50 mph
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MG-TD Replica Roaster

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Information about the vehicle

This is a truly fun car. You will not believe how many people wave, honk, thumbs up, and whistle as you go by. Total strangers will tell you their life story if the MG-TD in any way touched them any where along the curve of their lives. In general, it brings more smiles per mile than any other car ever made. And, you must know that this is the car that Snoopy drives.

Classic replica in good shape. These replicas are normally not very roadworthy. Several important improvements have been made to the car to overcome this shortcoming and give you a safer experience.

A roll bar was installed along with a front hood full of aluminum honeycomb crush-up to absorb energy if ever needed in a front end impact. Also, the brakes were modified so that that do not lock the front wheels first. Thus, you can continue to steer even when breaking heavily. The body was strengthened to make it stiffer so that it would track straight at high speeds.

Enough of the safety improvement.


A retired JPL engineer

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