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Vinty is extremely excited to announce that we have partnered with SeedInvest - a leading investment platform - to help continue our development. We are now accepting investors (including our loyal customers, car owners, family and friends) on SeedInvest to be part of the journey. Vinty plans on utilizing this raise to develop a new version of our website, increase our marketing efforts, and launch new locations throughout the US.

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Why invest?

To support our company and share our future growth! Vinty chose to raise funds on SeedInvest to allow our own customers, owners, and long time supporters to be part of our company. This has recently become legal under the passage of the JOBS Act which allows everyone – not just the wealthiest 2% – to invest in private companies.

We want to ensure that our partners and supporters can be part of our future growth. We know many of you have been enthusiastic about what we do and we wouldn’t have achieved what we have today without you.

This is our way of sharing the company and thanking you. In addition, we are offering some great perks when you invest in us on SeedInvest. You can find the details further below.


What is SeedInvest?

SeedInvest is an investment platform that provides individual and institutional investors access to highly vetted startup investment opportunities. You can think of it like Kickstarter but for actual investments (as opposed to giving your money away for a T-shirt, credit, etc).

SeedInvest will only work and facilitate investments into companies that satisfactorily complete its independent vetting and due diligence process, which at present represents only ~1% of the 20,000+ companies that have applied to date.

Vinty is disrupting an old-fashioned industry.
We provide a modern, easy, and transparent way for service providers to access and rent classic cars

How can you invest?

The first thing to know is that the minimum investment is set at $1,000. We also offer great perks for those interested in investing more (see details below).

Once you have done your personal due diligence and decide to invest, all that is left to do is go to our SeedInvest profile and click the blue button labelled “INVEST IN VINTY”. You will complete five basic steps, then you just need to be on the lookout for any follow ups from SeedInvest. SeedInvest accepts debit cards (up to $2,500), ACH bank transfers, and wires in order to fund your investment.


Can anyone invest?

Individuals must be at least eighteen (18) years old to invest through SeedInvest since those younger than that may not be able to form legally enforceable contracts. Generally speaking, SeedInvest facilitates investments on a global scale. That being said, some investors may be restricted from investing depending on the jurisdiction in which they live and their local laws and regulations.

For this reason, we currently cannot support investments made by Canadian residents. However, we have successfully worked with investors located all over the world (Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America).

What’s next?

We hope that you join us on this exciting journey! Please spread the word about our campaign with SeedInvest with other potential investors.

When you complete your investment on SeedInvest, your money will be transferred to an escrow account until the end of our fundraising campaign. Once the campaign ends and we have met the minimum goal we set, certain regulatory procedures will be completed and your money will be transferred from the escrow account to Vinty in exchange for your securities. At this point, you will be a proud owner in Vinty!

 Investor Perks

Our first 50 investors will receive an exclusive set of Vinty car accessories (in addition to the perks listed below)

Invest $1,000 - All investors will receive a Vinty T-Shirt

Invest $2,500 - Receive a Vinty Polo Shirt, Vinty bottle, and  either no commission on your next rental (car owners) or 20% off a one-day rental (renters - up to $150)

Invest $10,000 - Receive a Vinty Polo Shirt, hat, bottle, and either no commission on your next 3 rentals (car owners) or 50% off a one-day rental (renters - up to $600)

Invest $50,000 - All of the above (with a free 1-day classic car rental) plus a Private Online Q & A with Founders

Invest $100,000 - All of the above plus a  Vinty swag bag and an invitation to a dinner with the founders in Los Angeles, and quarterly call with the CEO

It is advised that you consult a tax professional to fully understand any potential tax implications of receiving investor perks before making an investment.

Vinty is offering securities under Regulation CF and Rule 506(c) of Regulation D through SI Securities, LLC ("SI Securities"). The Company has filed a Form C with the Securities and Exchange Commission in connection with its offering, a copy of which may be obtained at this link.