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Triumph Spitfire MK2

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Information about the vehicle

An absolutely mint 1965 Triumph Spitfire MK2 with original Wedgewood Blue paint, a PRISTINE engine with every inch restored to like-new condition. The interior has also been painstakingly restored to like-new condition.

If you're curious... me, my cute nieces/nephew, and everyone I know calls this car "Little blue" or "Lil blue"

This is a pristine, full-stock Spitfire MK2 that is exactly what a Spitfire would look like in the 1960s in every way. Even the license plate is the original 1965 license plate... the car has been California registered with the same plate and license code for 55 years since it left the dealership - original plate stamped '63. (I can send the car to you with both the '63 plate and a newer plate with the same license code and registration pictures - this way the car plate will look precisely as it did in the 60s for your photos with no stickers on the original plate).

Driving Style:
Lil Blue has a 1.2L 4 cylinder engine and is pretty sporty, but much more suited for joyful cruising than going fast. Lil Blue is a 4-speed manual, and I've upgraded everything in the transmission to be butter-smooth with all-synchro gears and a nice tight clutch that engages very soon after you lift the clutch pedal off the floor. Lil Blue has very easy power steering, one of the best turning radius' in any car in history, and can get up to about 75-80 on the freeway quite comfortably. The engine on Lil Blue was rebuilt 16k miles ago and runs buttery smooth. Every single mechanical part on the car (suspension, control arms, wheel bearings, clutch/break cylinders, horn, generator, distributor, carburetors, etc.) has been painstakingly restored to like-new condition within the past 4 years.

- There is a blemish on the back-left bumper, and dent below the trunk on the back left rear bumper.
- The radio controls are funky but once I explain you'll get it in 1 second
- Lil Blue doesn't have a ton of power in the bottom of first gear when starting from a stop on a steep hill, just know if you're starting from 0mph on a steep hill to be aware you'll want to use the e-brake in combination with with careful clutch/gas matching.

Car coverings (hard top, leather top, soft top):
- Factory hard top (rare): Lil Blue has a very rare factory hard top in white that I can provide with the car, and the hard top can be removed/installed with 4 screws.
- Original Leather cover: original white-leather snap-on cabin covering for just parking around town if you want
- Black soft-top: brand new black soft-top in the trunk you can put on for any weather conditions that occur (with frame).

Stereo (vintage remake):
Lil Blue has a RetroSound Hermosa radio (a remake of the Spitfire vintage radios so things look original, with bluetooth), a USB hooked up that cycles through 1900 songs from the 50s and 60s (seriously : ), it's very fun), 2 top-end Retrosound speakers are mounted in the driver/passenger storage spaces, and a high-end thin subwoofer is right behind the driver's seat and out of sight.

Lil Blue has a steering-wheel-to-gas-pedal lock bar that you can easily put on for extra peace-of mind when not driving. The original white-leather cabin snap-on cover can also easily be put on to not expose the cabin... the white-leather snap-on cover is also beautiful.

Giovanni Micholotti once said the Triumph Spitfire was "absolutely his favorite design" of all of the legendary Ferraris, Maseratis, Lancias, Triumphs, and BMWs (he even designed the classic BMW grill) that he designed in his life.

I have extensive provenance for the car... every single maintenance record ever, every purchase for it ever, every registration record ever, and an ample amount of related provenance for the car from the prior 2 owners before me.

More pictures:
@lilblue1965 on IG

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