Make a UNique entrance with a Classic Wedding Car Rental & Transportation


Chauffeured Wedding Packages in Downtown LA & Orange County


Classic Wedding cars will make your wedding stand out!

Close your eyes and picture this...
You are ready for your wedding ceremony, you walk out of the hotel and a beautiful 1958 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud is waiting for you at the door, beaming in the sunlight. Your chauffeur & wedding vehicle hire is waiting for you, he opens the door and you are on to your magical day in the best possible way...that sounds pretty good, right? We tend to agree.

Vintage wedding cars for wedding and special events are the ultimate way to put the final touch on your special occasion. Who hasn’t dreamed of sitting in the back of a vintage Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Jaguar, or Cadillac with a chauffeur driving you smoothly to one of the most important days in your life?

Vinty offers a large selection of chauffeured classic wedding cars for hire in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, New York and many more locations...

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Not into classic wedding cars? Hire a chauffeur for any car.

Want to make a unique impression and spice it up a bit?
We understand that you might not be into those iconic classic wedding cars, that’s why we offer the option to hire a chauffeur for all our rental cars!

Now, it’s only up to you to decide which flavor you a president in a Lincoln Continental, a rock star in a 60’s Ford Mustang, or a rebel in a Pontiac decide which classic car rental experience you want and we will arrange it for you. Our chauffeurs will come pick you up at your desired location and take you wherever your creativity takes you!

Let Vinty organize your chauffeured wedding car rental.

We know that organizing a wedding, an anniversary, or a quinceanera can be a stressful and grueling let us at least make arranging the transportation a seamless process! All you need to do is contact us, tell us what you need, and we will arrange everything for you.

At Vinty, we take pride in delivering the best level of service. You will wish that everything was as easy as hiring your classic car!


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Self-drive car rentals for weddings and special events.

This might be a special day, but it does not mean that you can’t have a little bit of fun... Why not drive the classic car yourself!

We understand how busy you will be that day so let us organize the delivery and return of the car for you. What is left for you to do? ...Just enjoy the experience!

Browse our selection of self-drive classic cars and pick the one you fancy.


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