Case Studies: Coachella Weekend

Coachella Weekend: 3 Events and 30+ Classic Cars

In the weeks leading up to the first weekend of the 2019 Coachella Music Festival, companies in the apparel, fashion, and beauty industries are hard at work creating activation events for new consumer products that will be highlighted during the biggest music festival of the year.

Vinty was lucky enough to provide classic cars for three separate events on the weekend prior to the opening weekend of Coachella. The events were produced by UGG, Neutrogena, and YSL Beauté with each event design unique in its own way.

Here’s how we did it!

UGG: Global Influencer Event

The brief:

The biggest event of the weekend, the UGG Influencer activation event was a large scale production that utilized over 20 classic cars all with professional drivers. The Vinty Team accompanied 60 influencers and journalists from the UK, France, Japan, China, and the US. The trip started in Los Angeles and made its way to the UGG Palm Springs event while making various stops along the way for photos at famous roadside attractions like the Dinosaurs in Cabazon and art installations in the Coachella Desert.

The task:

Vinty was tasked with sourcing enough classic cars to accomodate 60 total guests. At 3 guests per car on average, Vinty utilized over 20 cars to accomplish this. Vinty staff was on-hand to coordinate the fleet, which was required to take slightly different routes and transfers depending on the groups (China, Japan, US, etc.) which had slightly different itineraries.

The results:

The Vinty Team was able to provide unique vehicles that were especially foreign to the international visitors who may not have ever ridden in a classic American car prior to the event! These first encounters are sure to make lasting impressions on all involved and will surely be a ride that the guests will never forget! Of course, UGG received great coverage and many, many photos were taken with the cars as they work great as both transportation and photo-ops!

Yves Saint Laurent: YSL Beauty Station

The brief:

YSL Beauté created the “YSL Beauty Station”, a full-size pop-up gas station complete with classic convertibles and custom vintage YSL Fuel Pumps. The station was designed for travelers heading for Coachella to stop by and “fill up” on the latest products by the designer beauty brand.

The task:

Vinty was tasked with providing a one-of-a-kind classic convertible that could be staged in various locations for a photo-op session throughout the day and later used in a short film that would be used as a commercial to promote their new product line. The team used a 1970 Cadillac Deville to accomplish this. The Deville’s gold exterior was a great compliment to the gold body of the lipstick container that is being promoted

The results:

The 1970 Cadillac Deville shines as the co-star in not only the advert created by YSL Beauty but in the many selfies and portraits taken by attendees who posted to Instagram.

“Wanted for Glow” Advert

Neutrogena: “Hydroboost Haus” Activation

The brief:

To promote their popular skincare line, Neutrogena created the “Hydroboost Haus” (named after their Hydroboost Line). The Haus was a beautiful private residence in Palm Springs that played host to various promoters and social media influencers while they enjoyed their poolside day in the hot Palm Springs sun.

The task:

Vinty was tasked with providing 3 classic convertibles with professional drivers to accompany 12 guests from a nearby location to the Hydroboost Haus in Palm Springs. After the transport, the cars would be kept on-site for various photo and video shoots.

To accommodate this, Vinty staff sourced the 3 convertibles from local car providers in Palm Springs and were on-site on the day of the event to coordinate the logistics for the influencer transport as well as the video shoot.

The results:

Vinty provided a service for Neutrogena that was beneficial in several ways:

  1. Simplicity - Vinty took a directive from the event coordination team and was able to deliver the event with minimal effort from the client’s end. All logistics including the driver coordination, delivery to the event, and car sourcing was handled by the Vinty Team.

  2. Uniqueness - Classic cars promote a unique sense of Style amongst other forms of transportation. They were designed to be unique in both their physical appearance and the way it feels to drive them; This is immediately noticeable when seen in print, video, and especially when you are behind the wheel.

  3. Cost Efficiency - Neutrogena was able to accomplish two major tasks with Vinty including the Influencer Transport and using the classic cars for the Event Props. Thanks to Vinty’s unique service, the client was able to accomplish both efforts with a single vendor. This means less cost, simpler arrangements, and faster coordination time. Frankly, who wouldn’t want to ride in a classic convertible versus a typical town car or limo?

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